There is no discrimination against Muslims in India says PM Modi in Washington

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Champions of RSS, VHP Hindutva  Re-invent Themselves as Champions of Asian Americans in the US

Fearless Journalism, Support, Subscribe, Share, Comment, Like…Do something!!!  The India Observer, TIO:  Ever since several civil rights activists, South Asian

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Trump, the transparent

By Nazarul Islam Copy Edited By Shafaat Khan, Washinton DC, TIO: I have greatly admired Albert Camus, for his wisdom.

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US Election Results Live: Biden closes the gap with Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia

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Are free elections, not fair elections?

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The New Terms of Endearment

be the Voice of Free Press, Like Share, Subscribe By Nazarul Islam, Copy Edited By Adam Rizvi, New York, TIO:

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Trump and Biden commemorate 9/11 with dueling visits to Shanksville

 Like, Share, Comment, & Support… be the voice of Free Press! By Adam Rizvi, New Jersey, TIO: President Trump and

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Corona: CDC’s struggles with the White House under Trump

CDC’s struggles with the White House under Trump, and how tens of thousands of lives were lost due to political

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Congress: Bail people not the Pentagon and its arm dealer friends

Like, Share, Support…be the Voice of Free Press By Adam Rizvi & Shafaat Khan— the Pentagon is seeking BILLIONS and

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Trump’s speech today included some of his most disgusting all-time lies

…Be the Voice of Free Press. LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW, SUPPORT. BY Adam Rizvi, TIO. 8th january 2020 USA: As per

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4 Indian-Americans win state, local elections

Indian-American Ghazala Hashmi, a former community college professor, created history by becoming the first Muslim woman to be elected to

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US House Speaker,Nancy Pelosi:‘Mahatma Gandhi was a spiritual leader of America’s non-violence movement’.

The word Satyagraha means two things, she said. “It means nonviolence and insistence on the truth. That was exactly what

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Announcing Withdrawals: Trump Is Doing What He Promised At Outset

With the suddenness of revelation, withdrawal from Syria and “drawdown” from Afghanistan have been announced by Donald Trump. In the

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