Trump’s speech today included some of his most disgusting all-time lies

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BY Adam Rizvi, TIO. 8th january 2020 USA: As per demand progress  the House Will Vote Tomorrow on whether to allow TRUMP to continue down this disastrous path. Now is the time to demand Congress stop Trump’s war with Iran. Trump’s speech today included some of his most disgusting all-time lies.

Donald Trump just went on TV to spout a flood of despicable lies to defend the massive debacle he’s created in Iran.

And the corporate media is falling for it—hook line and sinker.

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The truth is that we remain on the precipice of another disastrous war in the Middle East. Congress must act now to prevent any further acts of war against Iran.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that a vote will happen TOMORROW on a war powers resolution and other measures to stop a war with Iran. Now is the time to ensure that these pass the House and then the Senate.

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Let’s recap the mess Trump has made:

  1. Trump’s assassination of Iranian General Soleimani—a national hero in his country—has united every faction of Iranian society against the United States.
  2. The parliament of Iraq—before now a U.S. ally and an enemy of Iran—just voted to throw the U.S. out of the country.
  3. The U.S. has lost vital allies in the fight against ISIS, including Iran.
  4. The U.S. has evacuated diplomats and civilians from the region because of ongoing threats of attacks from Iran and their proxy forces.
  5. Iran just announced that they will no longer abide by the Obama administration’s nuclear deal and is now racing to build a bomb as we speak.



He claimed that President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal paid for the rockets fired at U.S. troops, which is a total lie.

He justified the assassination of Soleimani by citing a series of provocative actions Iran took in response to Trump himself pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

And he still hasn’t offered even a minimal legal justification for the assassination of Soleimani.

Trump proved he is reckless and dangerous. The American people do not want a war with Iran, but we cannot trust Trump to avoid one. We remain extremely close to yet another disastrous war in the Middle East, and Trump has shown that he will risk provoking one. Congress must act by passing a War Powers Act resolution and other legislation now, opposing any further attacks on Iran.

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Adam Rizvi

Adam Rizvi

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