Congress: Bail people not the Pentagon and its arm dealer friends

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By Adam Rizvi & Shafaat Khan— the Pentagon is seeking BILLIONS and BILLIONS from Congress in the next COVID relief stimulus package. Why? To protect the mega-profits of arms dealers and defense contractors.

Yes. That’s right. As we lose tens of thousands of loved ones here, and hundreds of thousands around the world, to COVID-19 — the Pentagon wants even MORE money on top of the $750 billion+ it already wastes every year on unnecessary, dangerous weapons, defense contractor giveaways, and Trump’s racist border wall.

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We say ENOUGH. That’s why Win Without War, along with 61 of our partners are going toe to toe with the arms industry, and demanding Congress not give the Pentagon a PENNY MORE in the next coronavirus relief package. 

We don’t need more nukes, militarized borders, armies, or drones — because war doesn’t keep anyone safe. We need more masks, nurses, ventilators, stimulus checks for unemployed, poor, and undocumented people, Black communities and communities of color, and healthcare and housing for all — because that is what keeps us all safe.

Congress has to bail out the people, not the Pentagon and its arm dealer friends.

This was true before coronavirus. But it’s flat-out undeniably and STARKLY blatant today, as our family and neighbors die, struggle to put food on the table or keep a roof overhead.

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The thing is, the Pentagon and Trump’s White House don’t get to decide whether the Pentagon gets billions more. Congress does. And that’s why we are throwing down to create a wave of public pressure, a storm in the media, and move as many members of Congress to get congressional leadership to reprioritize funding in the next stimulus package, and beyond.

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And to create this gigantum wave, we need your help. 

Will you demand your members of Congress do everything they can to block the Pentagon and arms dealers bail out today?

In the horrors of today’s pandemic, the choice has never been more simple. Do we continue with business as usual of funneling trillions into the Pentagon and stuffing the pockets of arms dealers and weapons manufacturers, while gutting funding for public health and other human needs — or do we bail out the people?

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Source: Tara, Mariam, Erica, team members of, “Win Without War”.

Shafaat Khan is a special correspondent based in Washington DC

Adam Rizvi

Adam Rizvi

Adam Rizvi has a unique talent for publishing to marketing to managing projects, writers & assigning the task to correspondents. Edits an e-paper & cover the news. An activist, spend time with family & friends. His adorable daughters, Alizah & Anum are his lifelines. He spends his time reading, swimming, hiking, cycling, and watching with them their favorite TV shows, & fixing the Big Old House where he lives. Studied literature & management. Volunteer for non-profits. President of a Travel Agency. Publisher. Circulated the newspapers. Acted & Assisted in directing & production of the award-winning film & TV Serial. Scripted a little. Modeled. Emceed the live shows & judged competitions. A caring sibling and was an obedient son of his late doting parents whom he misses dearly. Adam uses his various positions & experiences in building a strong relationship with all. Appreciates his articles being read, commented, liked, and shared. He can be reached at his personal email: mediaiss@gmail.com.

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