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By Sujit Chakraborty, Edited By Adam Rizvi, The India Observer: December 30, 2023: I was right, after all. The word had gone around that Rahul Gandhi will begin his Bharat Jodo Yatra Phase 2 in October. I think such was said by some Congress leader if some standing. But I had argued that he would begin it sometime in January and close a few weeks ahead of the GE-24.

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That announcement indeed came two days ago.

It had been suggested also that he would begin from Dwarka in Gujarat and end in a temple-town in the east. But I had felt that it would begin in the east, perhaps from the sunrise state Arunachal Pradesh.

Well, it is indeed is starting from the east, but from the volcanic Manipur, and rightly so. I may have been wrong about the Arunachal bit, but that had seemed right at the point in time when I had first surmised that.

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That is because Manipur had not happened then. And here is an important point to be noted.

Rahul has rechristened this phase of the Yatra as not Bharat Jodo, but as Nyay Yatra… walk for justice.

And having seen, heard and analyzed Rahul during the first Yatra, I realise that he has his thoughts very, very clear, and is going to put the RSS bandwagon into serious self-doubt, which will reduce them to faltering, and another slew of “defamation” cases against him to halt him in the march.

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Not PM-aspirant

But first of all, may I reiterate that fundamental point that I have been making throughout the first phase of his Yatra: he is not working on electoral math with an eye to the seat Modi has sullied: the PM ship.

Rahul is determined to get rid of certain factors that have circumcised Indian democracy, he is aiming at a much larger and deeper social change than just what the RSS apparatchik are muttering ad nauseum, about dynastic rule. He is not.

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One seminal statement issued by mother Sonia a couple of months ago is that had Rahul wanted to become PM, he could have done that 25 years ago.

Reminds me of a faux cover story in an Indian news magazine around 2007-08 in which a rather unscrupulous scribe had quoted Rahul, without permission, and from an off-the-record tete-a-tete where he had said “Had I wanted to become PM, I could have done that at age 25.”

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So Rahul does not want the seat Modi has sullied with his ignoramus algebra (a2 + b2  X ( ) 2 = ….. and all those faeces, and his constant, pathological lying (such as Rani Durgavati Railway Station in MP and the Darbhanga AIIMS in Bihar)

Rahul knows the adage very well, that if a clown sits in a palace, he does not become king… the palace becomes a circus. It is just his heritage of the Nehru family and his Oxbridge pedigree that he does not lampoon The Clown, as the world sees him to be.

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The Naya Angle… The Nyay Yatra

Rahul has calculated that he has a powerful ally in his fight for social and political justice: CJI DY Chandrachud. After the two rather ‘succulent’ and ‘consensual’ heads, which the establishment used to the hilt, this one is a tough broker.

The orders in Manipur and Kashmir were proofs enough.

And Rahul knows that he is going to be there till the end of GE-24…. November 10, 2024. And he has already said that he wants an Election Commission that has the courage to summons the PM of India id needed.

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The “Nyay” that Rahul will, to my mind, call for is the issue of the EVM. This going to be the trenchant call for the Nyay Yatra, along with, of course, unemployment, a different model out of crony capitalism that has destroyed Manipur and so forth.

His call for damning the EVM and going for paper ballots shall find resonance from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal in the east and from the US in the west. Remember, the EVMs are IBM-makes, and the US giant is already against Modi returning to power to further crony capitalism.

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The issue of communal peace, and not communities in pieces, shall be, of course, a key slogan and Rahul has already done enough home work on issues of social and economic injustices across the 85 districts of 14 states that he has planned to run his road-roller through. VishwaLuru – to re-coin a term ‑ will have no answer to that.

For Rahul knows his task well… to carry on his shoulders an orphaned democracy!

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