Has Rahul Gandhi Now Placed His Hand On The Pulse Of The Country?

By Muzaffar Ali, Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi, TIO :

In a rally organized in Jaipur to protest against the inflation of Congress on Sunday, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has talked about bringing Hindu to power, explaining the difference between the words Hindu and Hindutva. There will be a debate on this in the country now. But Rahul’s talk of bringing a Hindu to power is not just that. This is not even playing the Hindu card of Congress. Actually, Rahul Gandhi’s understanding of the mentality of the country can also be behind this.
After the Gujarat riots in 2002, Hinduist organizations started promoting the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as a Hindu leader. When the BJP declared Narendra Modi as its candidate for the post of Prime Minister in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi was promoted as a Hindu friend. Then after getting power, Narendra Modi was established as a Hindu Rashtra Nayak.

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Various organizations made the image of Modi from politician to Hindu friendly leader among crores of people with religious faith, calling the name of Modi a powerful, their leader, from village to village, town to town. Due to which the workers of other parties including Congress were also affected and many became devotees of Modi eating inside. On the other hand, taking full advantage of the opportunity, the RSS is fulfilling its Hindutva agenda through the Modi government.
The situation became such that the meaning of Hindutva was changed to BJP and Congress to mean anti-Hindu pro-Muslim party whereas Congress never remembered the Muslim class except at the time of election. In the last seven years, after gradually taking the whole country under the ambit of Hindutva, it was decided that now no one can defeat the BJP. No matter how much the opposition speaks against the Center, there is no threat to Hindutva or BJP, which has been firmly spread in the country.
All the opposition parties, including the Congress, did not see any break in the BJP sticking to the word Hindutva. Be it the 2019 elections or after that the assembly elections of many states. The Congress lost 90 percent of the elections because the BJP started playing Hindutva cards in every election. Due to the deep impression of Hindutva in the general public, the Congress has now snatched the pulse when the elections of 2024 are clearly visible in the account of the BJP.

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The Congress now wants to challenge the BJP by bringing to the fore the difference between Hindutva and Hindu. Rahul Gandhi also wants to break the word Hindu which was being monopolized by BJP and also wants to explain to the people of the country that Hindus are all, we are also Hindu leaders, but we are loving Hindus who respect all and Hindutva. The BJP and its allies are Hindutvavadis who spread hatred.
Behind the word Hindutva, indirectly the word terrorist seems to be hidden. Those who behave like terrorists under the guise of Hinduism are Hindutvavadis, perhaps this is what Rahul Gandhi is trying to explain. It remains to be seen how much the general public of the country can understand this new theory of Rahul Gandhi, but the way terrorism is divided into the class of good or bad.
By dividing good and bad Hindus on the same lines, Rahul Gandhi has given the message that all the good Hindus who talk of brotherhood, love, equal rights, all the minorities who are in the minority. Away from BJP, all unitedly bring the bad Hindu out of power and bring the good Hindu to power so that the country can be safe in the right hands.

 Muzaffar Ali is the Editor of The News Mirror India, Ajmer.

Compiled by Maham Abbasi and Curated by Humra Kidwai.

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