Indian Overseas Congress Celebrates New Leadership and Committee Members in New Jersey

New Jersey, October 8, 2023 – The Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) convened at Alberts Palace in New Jersey to commend their recently appointed leaders and committee members, marking a pivotal moment in the organization’s journey. Under the dynamic guidance of Sam Pitroda (Chair), Mohinder Singh Gilzian (President), and New Jersey Chapter President Pradip (Peter) Kothari, along with Chairman Harkesh Thakur, the IOC stands poised for a new era.

Sam Pitroda (Global Chairman – IOC))

Addressing the gathering virtually, IOC Chairman Sam Pitroda warmly congratulated Pradip Kothari (President) and Harkesh Thakur (Chairman), acknowledging the diverse and dynamic team they lead. Pitroda also shared astute perspectives on the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis, rallying attendees for the forthcoming elections while championing the cause of fortifying Indian democracy. He expressed resounding optimism in their collective endeavor against oppression and social injustice, assuring his presence at the grand congress event slated for November 17 in New Jersey. Meanwhile, IOC President Mohinder Singh Gilzian delivered his remarks in person, stressing the urgency to strengthen the IOC both within the nation and on the global stage, emphasizing that every member’s outreach can mobilize entire families, highlighting the need to dedicate time for the nation’s welfare each day.

In his inaugural address, Pradip (Peter) Kothari, President of the Indian Overseas Congress New Jersey, underscored the critical need to fortify India, the Indian National Congress, and the propagation of Gandhian principles rooted in democracy, solidarity, and humanity. He emphasized that these values are non-negotiable and called for an inclusive approach to empower Indian democracy.

Assuring unwavering support, Mr. Harkesh Thakur, Chairman IOC NJ, pledged to continue strengthening the party’s foundations nationwide while upholding its core tenets, extending well-wishes to his team for future missions.

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L to R – Pradip (Peter) Kothari (President IOC New Jersey Chapter) Mohinder Singh Gilzian (President IOC US) Ram Gadula (Chairman Telangana Chapter) and Harkesh Thakur (Chairman IOC New Jersey Chapter)

The newly appointed leaders and members from various fields were celebrated by IOC President Mohinder Singh Gilzian, Pradip (Peter) Kothari, and Harkesh Thakur. This diverse group includes Mukesh Maid as Vice Chairman, Bharat Patel, Mahesh Patel, Anil Patel, Tanzeem Ansari, and Manmitsingh Vasdev as Vice Presidents. They all echoed the sentiments of fortifying Indian democracy and upholding its constitutional values.

Originating from Bihar and a graduate of TISS, Qayam Masumi assumed the role of Secretary within the organization. He confronted the enduring challenges concerning secularism and democracy in the nation, passionately urging fellow citizens to rise up and advocate for social justice. He fervently rallied behind the Indian National Congress in the critical 2024 elections, emphasizing the importance of preserving India from communal discord and upholding principles of peace and equality.

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Arjumand Juweria and Suresh Kamath were appointed as Joint Secretaries, while Rajesh Desai assumed the role of Treasurer, with Pompose Shaikh and Kamesh Purohit as Joint Treasurers. Dipak Valsadia and Harvender Singh were designated as Public Relations Officers.

Ram Gadula and Dr. Jayesh Patel received special recognition for their longstanding support and contributions to the Indian National Congress. The newly formed Executive Committee, comprising Raj Macwan, Vihari Patel, Neeraj Gamadia, Kirit Jakaria, Nandini Kothari, Nina Thakur, Jyoti Ruben, Dave Makkar, Chandrakant Bhatt, Sandeep Bhambri, and Vimal Shah, were also acknowledged. Their diverse expertise promises to enrich the IOC NJ Chapter and IOC.

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Mohinder Singh Gilzian lauded the invaluable contributions of the new leaders and expressed confidence in their efforts to expand the organization with a broader membership base. He emphasized the pivotal role the IOC plays in upholding the values and principles of the Congress Party, particularly in the upcoming elections. He urged all who hold India dear to stand by the Congress and its principles, underscoring the critical juncture in India’s history. The fate of democracy, he noted, hangs in the balance, urging all Indians to support Congress and the I.N.D.I.A alliance.

The event, attended by party workers, intellectuals, and media outlets including India Abroad, TIO, and others, evolved into an enthusiastic campaign meeting in support of the Congress Party both overseas and in India. The leaders of IOC NJ expressed gratitude for the trust placed in them by the IOC leadership and pledged to work tirelessly to strengthen the party nationwide while upholding its core principles.

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