Indian Economic Slowdown and PM Modi

Accepting that the economy is in bad shape, TOI tells us Mr. Modi’s Economic Advisory Council has identified 10 areas for immediate attention: “economic growth, employment and job creation, informal sector and integration, fiscal framework, monetary policy, public expenditure, institutions of economic governance, agriculture and animal husbandry, patterns of consumption and production, and social sector”. Are you joking? This sounds like a wish list from the greedy and the insane, in which the big canvas reason for the Economic Council meeting in the first place i.e. negligible economic growth, is listed as the first point that requires immediate attention, i.e. economic growth. Wow.
This reminds me of Mr. Ego Man, and how he stuck his thing out of the window and believed he would impregnate the world. And, of course, the monkey, with his fist stuck in the bottle.
All these points, were, in any case, promised to be implemented by Modi Sarkar three and a half years ago. For instance, “employment and job creation was something Mr. Modi said Manmohan Singh could not do, but he could, based on some mirage-like Gujarat Model. And, believing him, the young voted for him. Now, with very little time to the 2019 elections, he is saying India needs to focus on ‘job creation’ as if it was a problem he just discovered.
‘Institutions of economic governance’ is listed as something requiring immediate attention. Why? Why talk about institutions when you treat the RBI as your personal masseur, always massaging your ego, making them implement wretched things like demonetization and new note designs that don’t fit in ATMs.? And, in any case, give them a break, they just finished counting all of India’s money and their fingers are paining.
Agriculture and animal husbandry are sandwiched as one, like in schoolbooks, and gives us the cliched image of a farmer leading his cow. Where to? No one knows. Maybe, to the Goshala.
The social sector is tossed in at the end as if it embarrassed everyone. Is this the point where they discuss how to increase lynchings?
Mr. Modi, you were more entertaining when you talked of the cartoon, comic book economic interventions like the 5Fs, 4Ps, 3Ss, and INCH (India & China) towards MILES (Millennium of Exceptional Synergy)…
The real economy is definitely not your cup of tea.


Roy Daniels

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