NJ Politics There is FIRE in the,”Torch” Former Senator Robert Torricelli

Former Senator Bob Torricelli eyeing for U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J seat

By Adam Rizvi, NJ USA, TIO: The sky hung heavy but was clear While walking towards the Indian Diner from parking in Edison, NJ. to pick up some food after the Friday prayers I met Kamran Khan an old business acquaintance in the parking. We exchanged greetings and started walking towards the restaurant. He thought I am there for the same reason he was there, Khan told me that he is there to meet Torricelli. To make things more clear, I asked,’ did you mean Iron man Former Senator Torricelli’, and he said, Yes. I was surprised but not all that, definitely.

Former Senator Robert Torricelli

Senator Robert Torricelli a great fundraiser, had come up in my conversation with others he had been meeting. in the last few weeks, his name had popped up with other Indian and Pakistani community members whom he had been meeting. While we were talking, his phone made a sound, and he said oh, He is here. Not understanding what he meant, I decided to get out, I had to return, it was a working day, everything happens too quickly all I wanted was to leave before I get stuck.

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I said bye to my friend and opened the door of the restaurant to leave and get out, my eyes locked with this, one time strong, aggressive, go-getter Former Senator Robert Torricelli. I had known him for years but had lost touch, I was seeing him again after years, he looked good, in style sporting a dark blue jacket casual pant with the white starched open button, undone to reveal casualness and politeness.

He was casually dressed with a wide and bashful smile he shut the door of his SUV. I said, Hey Senator good to see you big guy with a warm smile we hugged each other, we

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez,. Photo credit: Newsweek

walked inside back together with my other friend. All my old memories started coming back, some people are born just that way, we talked about some other giants of NJ politics. I was curious about Gov. Brendan Byrne, a great terrific guy, he told me that he just recently had met Gov. Brendan Byrne and that he is doing well.

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It was a pleasure to meet, him almost after 15 years or so the dynamic Senator ( Bob ) Robert Torricelli, also known as Torch, for friends he was always Bob, we hugged twice and exchange old memories I could see the spark of ambition in his eyes, no doubt he is a politician and wants to come back, anybody would miss or will be hurt after dropping out from his reelection bid more than a decade ago, that’s when we had met last. He is a public man and sure has plans and wants to work for the development of his constituents. He has some unfinished work which I am sure he wants to finish. Torricelli looked in a good shape.

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L to R Adam Rizvi & Former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli. Photo-The India Observer (TIO).png


It was tough being forced out on your own, on ethics charges, and they were damn serious. A rising star of NJ. also known as, “Torch ” had to quit and disappear behind black clouds and take the back seat. Well, it seems its time to come out, he looked good, active, and ready to come back in politics. I enjoyed every moment of this unscheduled, surprise meeting, his style was the same, but more polite. His old smile was there, looked good and strong.

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I ended up spending quite some time and listening to him, we joked on losing our hair, he said he got more grey. Realizing we had been sitting and chatting, I asked what would you like to have, he smiles and says Green Tea, you got it, senator. Tea was served with sizzling Seek kababs and warm samosas with other Indian snacks. He sat sipping on green tea with Indian snacks, me with Samosa and seek Kababs, the other few friends had joined us too.

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Quite a few times I asked him about his plans and line of action, he said soon he will let me know, at present, he won’t say much. I want to keep my promise, He said no publishing I said No publishing, will hold the story I gave my word… the pen is craving. I gather, Torricelli, a decade later, wants to come back, I wonder if Torch, as he is known as would be welcomed by the party. To see him back in the NJ political game, it will be very interesting. He was admired by his constituents, he is smart, and with his experience can twist things in the political game. New Jersey needs him.

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I think that the only chance he has is the seat of Sen. Robert Menendez who is facing trial for corruption if he gets convicted and removed. Torricelli will have a chance again, a big,” IF” hangs and also, “IF,” Democrats would allow or welcome the former senator back. At present we can only wait and see, Torricelli promise me that he will keep me posted, before departing he saved my phone nr and said he is giving me a missed call and asked me to call him back later, as my phone had died and was charging, While so much going on in this world, the thought came to my mind was his of his position on the middle east, it was & seriously a big concern. Stay tuned. Personally, I love this guy and wish him my very best.

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