How about the 4th july for Iraq and Syria?

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I came across this post which was written by Doaa Saleh Nassar an Egyptian-American and addressed to “American and European People”. I made a few minor additions which can be seen in parenthesis. This message is important to consider especially on the 4th of July when many are celebrating their FREEDOM while stealing that of innocent civilians on the other side of the world.
This little girl is from Al Hassakeh which is in the North East of Syria where the Kurds want to illegally establish “Kurdistan”.
“Have all the American people become terrorists or agree to and help terrorism?
Where is the conscience of the world? Where is the conscience of the American people?

America claims two years ago that it is fighting a preacher in Syria, but the truth is (they are) killing the Syrian civilians and committing massacres against the Syrian people in the Governorates of Raqqa, Deir al-Zour and Daraa (among others). It helps ISIS and Kurdish terrorists and al Qaeda to destroy Syrian facilities and infrastructure and kill Syrian people just like foreign mercenaries and terrorists.

This child is a victim of the Americans today in the Syrian city of Hasaka (this is in the North Eastern region of Syria)
“Tell your president to stop lying and stop destroying Syria and stop killing civilians and the Syrian Arab army. 
Tell Trump we will not forget how America destroyed Iraq with the lies of the weapons of mass destruction and proved after the destruction of Iraq and the killing and displacement of millions of Iraqis that was just Lie (Remember the WMD? that Iraq didn’t even possess at that time) We still remember.

Raise your hands on Syria, Iraq, and Yemen! The silence of the American people means participation in the killing of Arab peoples in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.

How do you fight people and destroy their future with false arguments?
How do you call for democracy and ask President Assad Leaves his people?

And go or you kill him and kill all the Syrian people whose elected President Assad in the 2014 year By 88.7%? How can your conscience bear all this blood shed by your government in Syria for 7 years? How do you pay taxes to your government to provide you with the treatment and education, while it pays to terrorize and destroy peaceful people in the service of Israeli Zionism and Saudi Wahhabism and in the interest of Israel that occupy Arab Palestine?
Have all the American people become terrorists or agree to and help terrorism?”
-Sara Abed

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