Governor Murphy’s Statement on the Senate’s Bipartisan Gun Safety Agreement

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Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi, TIO: “The bipartisan Senate agreement on a framework for national gun safety legislation is a positive first step in restoring sanity to our national dialogue and should be drafted and passed as quickly as possible. And while this agreement is only a narrow first step, it is a recognition that the ability of the gun lobby to block any and all commonsense gun safety laws by its mere presence is waning and that reform is possible. The door has cracked open. We must open it wider.”
“However, while this step represents important progress for our nation, we know that more far-reaching steps are needed that are unlikely to happen in Washington anytime soon. It will remain up to the states to lead on gun safety and to prove to Washington not only what is possible and right but that doing the right thing is also popular among Americans, including responsible gun owners. I again call upon my legislative colleagues to put our Gun Safety 3.0 package up for a vote. New Jersey can and must continue to lead by example by doing everything we can to protect our residents from the epidemic of gun violence.”
Curated By Leen Hamade 

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