What the Indian media failed to show

By Vijaylakshmi Nadar, TIO, Houston, 22 Sep 2019:
The Indian media, favorites and handpicked by the organizers of the Howdy Modi event, completely blacked out the story of the protests that were unfurling in Houston, outside the NRG stadium,  even as the community event was unfolding inside the NRG stadium.
The American media on the other hand hardly covered the event, so not much coverage about the protests either.
A complete news story is one that shows both sides. Since enough news footage has been shared of the camaraderie between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, here is the visual proof of the other side. About  15,000 to 20,000 Indian American Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits, Khalistanis, Kashmiris, and a few Mexicans, Palestinians and Egyptians, showed up at the event, to protest what they call is the rise of fascism in the two countries.

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