For all the trolling, Vivek Oberoi is better than that

Vivek Oberoi comes from a list of philanthropic stars, who wish to and try to give something back to the society and that has been ample motivation to ignore all the trolls on him regarding his acting career, rendering it insignificant.

Vivek Oberoi adopted a village in Andhra Pradesh and not only that, he was also a part of the Van Dhan Jan Dhan initiative which promotes handicrafts, biofuels and products produced with the forest materials.

Adding to all this, recently reports came out that his company Karrm Infrastructure Pvt. ltd has donated 25 flats to the families of CRPF martyrs in the Sukma attack on March 11,2017.

The flats are to be allotted in Thane, Maharashtra and a letter had been sent to CRPF announcing the same. Four flats have already been allotted and the organization has released a list of families that have been allotted the flats, remainder of the list will also be released soon.

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