Muslims Protest against Fascist Modi Regime in USA and Canada

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By Adam Rizvi, The India Observer, 10 June 2022, NY, TIO: The TV Debate on the Times Now channel in India triggered a furor and a wave of protests across the Muslim world, who are watching India closely with deep concern. The right-wing government led by Prime Minister Modi is continuously targeting minorities, particularly Muslims. The Muslim young men are tortured in police stations, arrested, and murdered in broad daylight by the police. The houses of protestors are bulldozed and the bigoted saffron-clad Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh prides himself on being called Bulldozer baba. All this while the judiciary turns its gaze in utter apathy towards the suffering of Muslims
This debate on Gyanvyapi masjid however in which the vitriolic host Navika Kumar goaded one of the panelists Nupur Sharma to challenge the Maulana on the panel who said that the excavated alleged Shivling was in fact a fountain in the wuzukhana area. At this point, Nupur uttered profanities and insults at the prophet Mohammad. By last Saturday the Arab countries and others like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, and Malaysia took cognizance of these malicious utterances. They registered a strong protest throwing the Modi government off-guard forcing them to remove and suspend the erring spokespersons.
Afreen, a 24-year-old girl whose mother’s house was targeted and Bulldozed, in the city of Pryagraj (Formerly known as Allahabad),  in UP, India.
The Muslims in the United States too were appalled by this audacity and they held protests in large numbers. At very short notice, as the news spread thousands gathered to protest against the language used for the prophet and against atrocities committed against the Muslims of India. The Alliance to Save and Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists  (ASPAIRE.org) had given the call for protest rallies in the various cities of the US and Canada, especially those where Indian embassies and consulates are located.
M Masood Rab, President of CAPI, Coalition Of Americans For Pluralism in India

Mr. M. Masood Rab, President of (CAPI) Coalition Of Americans for Pluralism in India was very concerned about the cruel ways the RSS/ Backed BJP Government’s harsh treatment of Dalits, Christians and bulldozing the houses of Muslims, ” talking to this writer from the hospital bed he helplessly said, “we are living in times of great peril and despair..Allah Khare karey.”  He was thankful to the few media houses who were publishing the atrocities and police brutality of the Indian Government, the same sentiments were expressed by activist Mr. Shujat Khan of CAPI.

Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the President of ASPAIRE, stated that the demonization of the Muslims has escalated alarmingly with the BJP leaders, especially the chief ministers of various states competing with one another in issuing statements that dehumanize and demonize Muslims. “Every Hindu festival is being used to not only provoke Muslims with insulting slogans and attacks on mosques but when the Muslims defend their homes they are arrested and their houses are bulldozed. “ He pointed out the videos of the police firing on Muslims during the attacks by Hindutva mobs. “ it is clear that the BJP and RSS want the Muslims to react so that they can keep the country polarized.
Afreen’s House before Demolition

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This will not only cause great harm to the social fabric of India but will also hurt India’s international image and economy, and drive away investment. It is about time that the Hindu community carry out its responsibility of defending the religion and the nation from the Hindu supremacists of the RSS and its fronts,

Afreen’s House after Demolition, Image Credit Net

” Dr. Ubaid said. Participating in a protest in the New York City, which has the largest population of Muslims in the US Habeeb Ahmed a prominent Muslim leader from New York said, “More than 3000 Muslims of so many different ethnic backgrounds have rallied at such short notice on a weekday in the busy city of New York.

We hope that the Indian Consul General will communicate this fact to the Indian government. Ahmed said it would not stop at this. “ On Sunday 12th June  a  rally will be held in Houston and similar rallies are being planned all over the US.” He urged the Muslims and the concerned citizens must participate in the  Houston rally at 6 o’clock in front of the consulate on  Saturday, June 11, and in Chicago on Sunday. Atlanta, San Francisco, and Toronto would also see such rallies in the coming week.

Indian Consulate General at New York City: Indian American Protesters came out in large numbers to protest against the BJP spokesperson who made insulting remarks against the Prophet Mohammed
While we rally peacefully in the US and the West because of the rule of law, Muslim protesters are being shot at and beaten to death by the police, and their houses and mosques are being bulldozed. Stopping this pogrom is as important as standing up for the honor of the beloved Prophet. The congressional briefings have had no effect so far and have just been a waste of effort, it’s time t show strength in numbers on the streets.
“ we will reach out to the Muslims of other ethnicities and educate them about Hindutva fascist take over of India and then reach out to non-Muslim Indian Americans as well as White, Black, and Hispanic Americans, to build a broad-based coalition so that we can force the US government to stop covering up for India and Modi; and to take action against the infiltration of the RSS fascists in the US and Canada,” says Habeeb Ahmad.
Mr. Minhaz Khan, Former president of IAMC, NJ Chapter said ” we are busy creating banners, placards and attending to people asking details to Join the Protest, people are just hurt sad, and angry what is being said in honor of our beloved Prophet Mohammed, by BJP spokesperson on national TV of India and the way Muslims youth are being treated mercilessly by Indian police on made-up charges and falls FIRs, this must stop.
Hundreds were arrested around various districts in UP and two were Killed in Ranchi by police. India is witnessing demonstrations all over India and effigies were burned of  Ms. Nupur Sharma the spokesperson of BJP Bhartiya Janta Party on nations TV whose insensitive abusive comments against the Prophet Of Islam Mohammed, PBJH set off the protests all over the world. This has become the normal routine of Hindutva forces which the Indian government simply watches.
Copy Edited By Naheed Verma
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