Zafar Agha- A Journalist Par Excellence

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The India Observer, TIO: On March 8th when I last called late Zafar Agha, he promised me to bring Kapil Sibal with him in the evening for my book release event at Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi.

 I had a renewed conversation with him a week ago as I was looking for names to be the guests for my book release event in Delhi. He suggested to me the names of Prashant Bhushan and Kapil Sibal and gave me their numbers to contact them directly referring to his name.

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While Prashant Bhushan remained noncommunicable, Kapil Sibal responded to my calls and recognized Zafar Agha well saying yes I know him well. Although both did not turn for the event that day, I felt a bit bad but now when I heard the news that Zafar Bhai is no more a stream of memories of him gets refreshed in my mind and thoughts.

I have known Zafar Agha since around 1990 when I was studying at JNU. It was the bug of journalism that brought me close to him. I met him at the Patriot / Link office at ITO where I used to give my write-up for publication. The edited version of my article found a place in the link magazine and that gave me a boost to dabble in journalism.

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Zafar Agha was a regular staff member there and I used to meet him regularly. My wish to become a working journalist got encouragement from him. He used to send me to some or other big names in English journalism seeking jobs. It is with Zafar Bhai’s contacts I had access to many who are in English journalism in Delhi.

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Then Zafar Bhai shifted to Economic and Political Observer and then to India Today where I used to go to meet him regularly.

Despite the best of his efforts, I could not find any employment in English journalism in Delhi but Zafar Bhai remained a constant source of inspiration to me.

In 1994 I eventually got my first job in Hyderabad and I left Delhi. In the last 30 years or so, I remained in touch with Zafar Bhai on the phone and he used to recognize my voice instantly.

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I owe my achievements to Zafar Agha bhai because he has inspired me to the path of journalism. It was quite late before I realized that mainstream Journalism is a go-zone for Muslims in India.

Zafar Agha

No matter how much a Muslim has caliber, English journalism is a privileged profession reserved for Brahmins who either belonged to Kerala or Bengal.  In such closed coteries,  Zafar Agha making an entry into the field of English journalism is a remarkable feat.

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It needs to be said that Zafar Agha came from the Hindi heartland of Allahabad and made his name in English journalism at a time when there was limited print media and limited job avenues.

Zafar Bhai wrote his copies only in English and that was translated into other languages. This makes him an outstanding journalist.

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I admire Zafar Agha because had a seminal role to play in shaping my career as a journalist. To me, Zafar Bhai is certainly a person worthy of admiration and adulation.

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Syed Ali Mujtaba

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