What happened?? M J Akbar used to be a good writer.

MJ Akbar must be plagued by orders to link violence and terrorism with Muslims more often, by the chief architect of Modi Sarkar, “Otherwise, why have we accepted you, a general reject, and elevated you to the position of a minister.” But he makes up for lost time in a speech at a function at the National Security Guard. He says that “22 Arab nations are proof that Islam has always seen the conflict.” I could very well respond, “Mr. Akbar, the language you are speaking in, English, is the official language of 54 sovereign states, is that proof that Christianity has always seen the conflict?” The reason why there is a term, “Arab Nations” is because they are linked by language, “Thus,” Wiki tells us, “individuals with little or no direct ancestry from the Arabian Peninsula could identify themselves as or be considered to be Arab, partially by virtue of their first language.”
Also remember, technically, Islam is around 1400 years old, the six hundred years headstart Christianity got, in evolutionary terms is the difference between the dark ages and today. With only 1400 years of evolution (if Hinduism is 5000 years old ie 3500 years ago) can you tell us where Hinduism was? I get it, I get it. To make your boss happy, what you are trying to say is that Muslims love fighting with each other. (And then, when they are bored, they fight with other religions) Ok, interesting, but Christians love fighting with each other too. The epic World Wars I and II were precisely that, Christians fighting against each other. And Hindus, when left to their own devices, fought other Hindus all the time too, there were, in fact, 565 princely states in the Indian subcontinent when the British left. Did they all live peacefully with each other, and with all the Kings? I’m sure the same can be asked of Buddhists.
Ok, ok, I get it, I get, what you’re trying to say is that Islam produces terrorists. So say that then, you fool, why are you taking us on a guided tour of Arabia. You say, “Islam conflicts over politics rose from the very beginning after the death of the prophet that’s why we have the Shia Sunni conflict.” Ok, good point, but Christianity’s conflicts also started very early, the first problem was that it was not actually a new religion, it was a reformed version of Judaism, so it caused a huge problem between the new “Christians” and old Jews, which exploded in Hitler’s Germany, and the concentration camps, and finally in Palestine. How much more violent can you get? Even you, a champion of Muslims being No 1 in violence, will have to say the Christians are definitely better at it.
Basically, stop being Hindu fundamentalism’s pet Muslim. You say Modi Sarkar is going to have an international conference on counter-radicalization. Good, Good. Let’s have that. Yes, yes, and the RSS should do the keynote address, followed by Yogi Adityanath and Sakshi Maharaj… Meanwhile, behave yourself, you used to be a reasonably good writer.


Roy Daniels

Roy Daniels is famous in the world of media and is loved and admired for his work. He has written and directed over 200 short films and is a writer and strategist who has worked in communications for over 25 years.

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