Delhi govt to introduce ‘happiness curriculum’ in its schools

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The Delhi government to introduce ‘Happiness curriculum’ in schools, so that children are happier, more confident and have greater self esteem.

Students from nursery to class 8 in Delhi government-run schools will now get lessons on being happyfrom upcoming academic session, starting in April. In India, the new academic session begins in April every year.

Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister

Addressing a gathering at the Excellence in Education awards at Thyagraj Stadium, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today said, “The Delhi government has commissioned a team of experts, including school teachers, which is preparing a framework for the happiness curriculum.”

“The entire curriculum will be purely activity-based and no formal examinations will be conducted on it. However, a periodic assessment of childrens progress will be made using a happiness index,” he said.

Sisodia said at a time when neighbouring Bhutan is formulating policies to ensure a high Happiness Index for its citizens, introduction of happiness curriculum in schools will help enhance personality of children and influence the direction in which we are heading as a society and nation.

“Education has to serve a larger moral and societal purpose and cannot be looked at in isolation from the needs of society. Even as we aim for economic equality, we must strive for happiness equality as well,” he said.

Sisodia, who is also Delhi’s education minister, appealed to teachers and students of government schools in the capital to come forward and assist the government in developing the happiness curriculum.

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