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The India Observer, TIO: Sunday morning I woke up to worst news possible, news headlines flashed that previous night 13th April 2024  Iran had launched attack on Israeli territory in retaliation to bombing of it’s Diplomatic mission in Damascus (Syria ) on April 1 st. 2024 killing 16 people and two of Iran’s top generals in the deadly strike.

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To the uninitiated bombing a diplomatic mission is equivalent to war waged on that country, in this regard Israel openly defied International law and attacked Iranian sovereignty, Iran has been quick to respond after Ramzan (holy month of fasting and prayers).

Western powers (Britain, France, Germany and may European countries along with America) had been trying to instigate Iran and drag it into this Middle East conflict for a real long time. American western policies have starved this nation with International sanctions for decades, a country punished by the west imposing ban to cripple it’s economy and break it politically, economically and even regionally has since then  fought back against the odds and has advanced itself in every field be it science, technology or arts bringing out best  scientists, engineers and doctors  who are at par with international standards.

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One reel from trustee of  Khwaja Ajmer Shrine (India ) a Sunni intellectual  has been circulating in social media where the individual talks about silence of the Arab world and that Iran been powerful not only in military strength but spiritually too .He goes on to say it is strong because ,”they have love for Imam Hussain “.

True, this Shia country and it’s citizens commemorate and learn lessons from the tragedy of Karbala right from their childhood. It is an important event in Islamic history probably a dark chapter, that clearly demarcates right between the wrong and the overcome of truth against false narrative.

The deafeaning silence of the world on the genocide in Gaza (Palestine) and the upstart arrogance shown by American and Israeli allies shows us that those who have power has made them become corrupt and selfish that to safeguard their seats these leaders are willing to sacrifice their moral values, ethics and above all sense of humanity.

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Iran has openly spoken against atrocities taking place in Gaza against women and children along with many Arab nations offering just lip service.

American policies in Middle East

As a school going kid in the 1980’s I often heard talks surrounding Iran-Iraq war around the dining table and Ammajan (maternal grandmother) coining Shaitaan e Awwal (Greater Evil) for United States of America (USA).

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I could not realize the gravity of those words until I witnessed it happening in my life time right from American intervention during the 1990’s and it’s establishment of military bases in the Gulf following the invasion of Iraq under Saddam Hussain’s rule.

It’s presence in the region has already added to the regional conflict and has had a profound boomerang impact with the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and now genocide in (Gaza) Palestine, burning down the region’s unique cultural heritage and depriving it’s people in fact generations to overcome the damage already caused.

These conflicts gave birth to terrorist organizations like ISIS, Daesh etc. adding fuel to already burning state of affairs in the region, Saddam Hussain and Osama bin Laden were all once funded and supported by American government.

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War Rules

Israel has openly defied International law or war rules with having the support of it’s major ally America in it’s military offensive in Gaza, it has targeted hospitals, schools, places of worship and even refugee camps ensuring maximum damage to infrastructure as well incessantly slaughtering of women and lives of innocent children since October 7th 2023, thereby giving collective punishment to an entire population of which 80 percent consisted of small children. This will go down in history as the most coward act on civilian population of which children formed majority.

While Iran on other hand attacked only military installations especially the Negev airbase from where the attack on it’s counsulate in Damascus was launched, safeguarding loss to any civilian bloodshed along the way.

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This military act clearly demonstrates that the Iranian regime of being ethically more grounded than the so called Western allies of Israel.

Save the Date

Timing of Iranian arrack on Israel Sunday 14th April 2024 , ironically coincides with a date in history when Battle of Trench (Khybar) 627 was fought between camp of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and the Arab tribes allied with the Jews and a trench was dug to defend the Muslims at the suggestion of Salman al Farsi (Persian). On that day Imam Ali as faced off against a Jewish chief Amr ibn Abd Wud and Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said “true faith has emerged against absolute disbelief”.

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Greatest Military Display in recent History.

Scott Ritter (former Marine Corps intelligence officer, former UN inspector of weapons) in a online interview shared his update on the state of affairs coining the first ever direct attack of Iran into State of Israel as the, “greatest military display in recent history”.

This attack was launched 1,000 km away from Israel and Iran along with Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq sent volley of drones and missiles simultaneously in a 3 layered missile attack overwhelming the Israeli Defense system and hitting their targets at the precise spot.

Beauty of this attack is that they didn’t use their best missile yet Ritter added. Joe Biden has already told Netanyahu that US won’t take part in counter strike, though Israel has, ‘Iron clad support of the United States.

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Crowds of Israeli settlers have been seen flooding the airports finding their way out of the conflict zone.

Role of the UN and Arabs.

United Nations failed to act as a buffer zone, providing aid and relief to the defenseless Palestinian’s in form of a permanent ceasefire .It’s inability to function in the role it was built upon has failed our trust in any International organization built to protect human rights.

Sadly the 56 Muslim countries of the world with many surrounding Palestine and Israel failed to take collective and strong action against the utterly inhuman acts of aggression committed by Israel in it’s offensive in Gaza on the defenseless Palestinian population and will go down in history that no one except Iran and Lebanon, Yemen, Syria came forward openly to challenge and speak against Israeli aggression in Palestine, rest of the Arab leaders especially Saudi Arabia did nothing concrete to stop the conflict from spreading further rather than offering only lip service.

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In fact Jordan’s role in intercepting the Persian missile on way to Israel clearly shows the rupture and lack of solidarity within the Muslim Ummah.


Palestinian’s in Gaza have been heard shouting slogans such as ,”For the blood of kids and women of Gaza “,”For the blood of Solemani “, these weary Gazans would have had a peaceful 14 th April night without having to deal Israeli drones hovering over their heads and threats of massacre.

It is interesting to note that America, a super power built on refugee mind bank and it’s population has had a hand in destroying those very countries from where that talent came from.

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History is full of wars waged for land, power and money and this conflict is no different, it is fought on usurped land occupied by Zionist regime in Israel, settling itself on defenseless Palestinian population since 1947 but one unique aspect of this modern age conflict has been that live videos, images were streamed into our phones, tablets and screens of missiles and drones sent by Iran into Israel brushing past Islam’s holiest sites located in two different countries Masjid Al Aqsa, Jerusalem (Palestinian territories) and Imam Hussain (a.s) Shrine in Karbala (Iraq).

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Being Human

No educated, peace loving ordinary citizen of the world would ever want bloodshed or war which only results only in destruction of human lives and property and nothing else.

I recently learnt that being orphan does not necessarily means someone who lost their father, rather someone who’s deprived of Ethics and Education, this definition does makes sense because education without traces of moral, ethical values is incomplete. It’s like a Police officer accepting bribe or a Judge accepting favors or influence over his/her judgement.

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Like wise political leaders have shown the lesser mortals like how small and insignificant is their approach to achieve goals which costs innumerable innocent human lives .How poor and orphaned is their approach to sustain goodwill among the rich and powerful.

Israel has proven itself to be a rouge state, openly violating 45 UN resolutions and America has used veto power 43 times in support of Israel at the UN, Recent turn of events and has damaged and costed them both their reputation of being any sense, the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel) or a Messiah of democracy (US).

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Writer in Me

I am not a Political writer but one who deeply values and cherishes the inter mingling of different cultures and the diversity of the world, but the unfavourable circumstances developing in Middle East threatening lives and cultural heritage of the region has forced me to write, chain my emotions and share it with people .

It pained me to see a rich Palestinian heritage crushed under Israeli drones and bulldozers and now another culturally rich country being threatened for destruction, and dragged into a regional conflict threatening peace, security and geopolitics of the region.

It would pain me a lifetime if I don’t address these thoughts and just be a mere spectator in this senseless conflict taking place in our midst. I write and I write with a heavy heart because one day our generations would question us as to ,” Why would we Rest in Peace and why don’t we Live in Peace”. It’s a question we should all ask ourselves and seek answer for it.

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How far this escalating tension in Middle East would take us, how many more innocent lives would be lost and paralyzed, only time will tell. These unhealthy developments are perfect recipe for a World War Three (3) taking shape with countries either backing and helping Israel or Iran, which would show that we might have grown and advanced in science and technology but morally we as humans are still corrupt and have not grown to be mature enough to live and let other’s live.

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