The Truth about Iran!!!

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 The credibility accorded to the Western mass media today leaves much to be desired. More often than not, what we are told about our world is perhaps more than a lie or fabrication. It has slowly dawned that the insanity of Western propaganda has become ever more obvious. The extent of Western media ‘indoctrination’, has far exceeded objectivity.
If you live in Europe or North America, you are likely to be poisoned by sugar-coated lies about Cuba and Venezuela. Russia and China, North Korea and Pakistan. And of course, about Iran. If you perceive the truth or confront a painful reality, would you be able to recognize this, in all its essence? Or, perhaps one may be left to imagine this to be lies, that are layered in propaganda.
Eleven years after the Islamic revolution in Iran, in 1990, I visited Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad. Without a doubt, Tehran is a city with a tremendous history and culture. The landscape overflows with museums, theatre, and beautiful parks that are immaculately maintained. Public places have boasted of modern art sculptures.
Tehran is a thriving city with modern and fully subsidized transportation. The city dwellers were always proud of their high tech metro, ecological busways, as well as suburban trains. I have traveled to the most exciting destinations in all the six continents. I could comfortably compare this ‘humble’ city to the top ten cities of our world.
What do most Westerners know about Iran? Only, to the extent of what they are told. I believe that the image of Iran, which the mass media prefers to project, is that of a radical Muslim country. Perhaps, like some sort of ‘Shia, Saudi Arabia’. Or, maybe something worse.
Much worse than Saudi Arabia, the closest Arab ally of London and Washington DC….that cannot be touched in the West, regardless of what barbarity and terror it spreads around the world! Those of us who know both Jeddah and Tehran would even laugh at this comparison.
Despite the oil wealth, Saudi Arabia and its quasi-colony Bahrain, constitute societies on this planet, that are devoid of human compassion. Where misery rubs shoulders with the repulsive, vulgar and extreme display, not of culture, but reeking wealth of oil.
In its soul and spirit, Iran is a socialist country. It is also internationalist, in full solidarity with many oppressed and struggling nations on our planet. In saying this, I do not talk only about Syria, Yemen or Palestine. Among so many others, I also want to talk about Cuba and Venezuela. Perhaps my readers have been unaware. This is not surprising, because the Western media does not want us to know this!
Living in Chicago or New York, I am expected to remain ignorant about Iran’s social system that is ‘Islamic’, yet purely socialist in character. This is a reflection of the true heritage of Muslim society. A free education and medical care, largely subsidized public transportation and also the existence of pure culture.
You come across huge public spaces and to some extent, a very strong government. At least partially, there exists central planning.
Despite the many absolute, unfair and terrible sanctions imposed with interruptions from Washington DC and its allies, Iran has stood tall. Given the limited scope of what can be offered to the citizens, in the light of sanctions, the government has endeavored to take as much care of their people, as is possible.
Regardless of the terrible ordeal, the Iranians have to go through in life every day, they do not cheat and they do not steal. Iran’s Exchange rate collapsed after President Trump ordered another round of bizarre economic sanctions, that triggered frustrations and loud protests. The majority of Iranians understand who the real culprit is.
It is no secret that the so-called opposition in the country is often financed from the West. Iranians do not exhibit ‘arrogant pride’—-they only reflect their determination, decency and patriotic pride of a nation with a history of thousands of years of culture. Only time will tell that they are on the right side of history.
I am sure the West was fed the notion that Iran is truly religious. Unlike Saudi Arab, religion is not being hurled on the face of the Muslims. Neither it is waved like a flag. In essentiality, religion is something deep and internal in the hearts of practicing Muslims. Most women in public only cover their hair symbolically.
Can the West afford to impose sanctions against Indonesia or antagonize the nation in any way, no matter how brutal it is to its own people? Washington, London, and Canberra have connived together to ensure that Indonesia loses its sense of direction.
Iran is diametrically opposite in many ways: its interpretation of religion is traditional, as it used to be before the West managed to derail its essence, in so many parts of this world. It is indeed socialist, compassionate and spiritual.

Perhaps we have all been warned not to look directly into a woman’s eye in Iran. Or else, face the sentence to be stoned to death! In Tehran, it is a common sight for couples to hold hands. If you are lucky, you may see annoyed girls slapping the face of their men teasingly, and sometimes even seriously.

But, would you believe this if you saw it? Or is it too late, because the mass media has taken you to a point of no return!
Despite serious efforts by the enemies of Iran, it will not be easy to ruin this country. It would prove to be futile and impossible to destroy this country, which continues to have evolved for 2,500 years in its richness of culture and heritage. Iranians are far too determined and strong-willed.
For the West, Iran is dangerous. Iran is, in fact, deadly for the imperialist arrangement of the world, as China is dangerous, as Russia is and also as Cuba is! Venezuela, Syria, and Bolivia are all dangerous countries!
Iran is proud of its history that dates back in time more than 7,000 years. Mr. Trump, instead of bombing the place to smithereens, read its poets Hafiz, Razzi, and Toosi, and appreciate what the West has failed to do. You will then make a huge difference!
Shining India’s ability to fabricate special, independent and bilateral relations with Iran, is bereft of overlapping interests. Indian diplomats have carefully crafted a policy that is capable of delivering results. The core guidelines may be tweaked to work with all neighboring countries, in promoting friendship and economic ties. This is one of the primary objectives that shall motivate both nations to achieve their goals to their best mutual advantage. Political will and accommodation have given way to greater relaxations, in all aspects of bilateral relations with Iran.
Copy Edited By Adam Rizvi
Nazarul Islam

Nazarul Islam

The author is a former Educator, based in Chicago (USA).

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