The Fault in his genes: Science Minister Trolled for Gotra politics on Rahul Gandhi

Harsh Vardhan has said, “according to the gotra system”, Rahul Gandhi can never be a Dattatreya.


New Delhi, Nov 29: The Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan has come up with what he feels is a plausible explanation while charting out a detailed and seemingly ‘logically’ theory behind the fault in Gandhi’s ‘upper caste lineage’.

Irked by the revelation ahead of Assembly elections, Union textiles Minister Smriti Irani said that as an Indian, a person’s first religion, belief and duty is ‘Hindustani’. However, her colleague Harsh Vardhan advised her to ignore such statements. The minister then went on to explain why, “according to the gotra system”, Gandhi can never be a Dattatreya.

“Jawaharlal Nehru’s gotra was ‘Dattatreya’ because he was Brahmin. His sons would have inherited his gotra. However, Indira Gandhi can’t transfer her father’s gotra to her son. Thus, Rajiv Gandhi, being a son of a Parsi (Feroz Gandhi), can’t have Dattatreya gotra,” Vardhan explains, adding that Irani should not pay heed to the claim and enjoy the ‘destruction’ of Congress.

“I had no problem (with Gandhi’s gotra claim) because as per the Vedas ‘brahma janati iti brahmanah’, which means a Brahmin need not be born to Brahmin parents. But when you build your base with lies, you are sure to lose trust. People look for capability and credibility and never for caste, religion or race,” he says.

The explanation seems to have cracked up the Twitterati, who have had a field day trolling the ‘Technology Minister’ over his “degree in entire medicine”.

“There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in a human cell. One half of a pair comes from the female and other from male. And then there is the mitochondrial DNA. Brushing up your science,” a Twitter user said. Other posts have openly made fun of his scientific knowledge putting the BJP in an awkward position.

There were others memes also on twitter

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