The blood connection of the ‘Lynchers’

The people who beat DSP Md Ayub Pandith to death in Srinagar, Kashmir, are of the same tribe as the people who beat Muhammad Ikhlaq to death with sticks and stones, in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. They are blood brothers, although they tried to fool you by coming from different religions, and by praying to different Gods. They try to confuse you by hiding in different clothes and customs, and by chanting different slogans for their Gods, who they say are opposed to each other. But they are blood brothers.
Make no mistake about that, identical twins actually, not joined at the hip as some twins are, but joined at the amygdala, the highly developed part of the brain that orchestrates violent rage and hate. And, both of them have the lynching fever.
One says they want independence for Kashmir, the other says they want to make India great again, one says they hate the concept of India and the other says they love the same concept, but both of them think alike, they are alike, they don’t flock together but they are birds of the same feather, and both of them have the lynching fever.
One says they would like to eat the cow, the other says Mother Cow has the status of a God, but go deeper and both of them are cut from the same piece of cloth, strip them of the camouflage of their Gods and you will see they are indistinguishable, they froth the same hatred at the mouth, and both of them have the lynching fever.
Oh, they have worked so hard at their make up, their habits, and their customs, that you could believe they are quite different, but peel back the superficial and you will see they are two snug peas in a pod, they are Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and yes, oh yes, they have agreed to have a battle, and would like all of us to join in, but fortunately India does not have the lynching fever, and we stand apart and gaze at them with revulsion.
Yes, the people who lynched DSP Md Ayub Pandith and Mohammed Ikhlaq are mirror images of each other, and they both have the lynching fever…


Roy Daniels

Roy Daniels is famous in the world of media and is loved and admired for his work. He has written and directed over 200 short films and is a writer and strategist who has worked in communications for over 25 years.

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