Each person a gift from Almighty

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Vidisha Singh

Everyday we meet so many people , while travelling for work, when
enjoying on a vacation, when out for shopping, on a new business
meeting or may be while just crossing the road too!!…
In just small conversation, few people seem  so close to us.As if we
know them since ages.They surely come with a purpose. When best
friends leave you, they still stand for you. they provide you help,
guidance, love support and everything you need for the moment.They are
the people sent by THE ALMIGHTY!! You need them then, so they are
there. As time flies by, life plays its role and the same person moves
away from you, leaving you hurt and shattered. Do Not Be!!Our need for
the time has been met , and their purpose has been solved. This is the
time to Move On!!They came for a purpose which no more exists. You do
not need them now.They gave you bundles of joy, taught you to tackle
new challenges , made you an experienced person and  leave you.
Accept.. if they are meant to be with you they will come back if not
then they were just not meant to be with you forever!!

A strong healthy relationship works as a best support in our life. It
acts as one of those boosters which give us a healthy mind,
body,spirit and overall self, One thing one must always keep in mind
that relationships are like Investments the more you put in , the more
you can get back.

Its equally important to know that all the relationships face ups and
downs. With so much of stress around one can become short tempered and
fighting might be a release of emotions for one but it slowly poisons
the relationship,if  not taken care of. So it is very important to
find out other ways to release out our emotions. Every person has
different ways of coping through a problem so one should be careful of
not forcing our solutions onto the other person.Continuing to move
ahead together can surely help.

Some people we meet, remain for a life-time. The relationship
experiences so many ups and downs too but it never fades away. Not
that just at a stance you can recognize them, beacuse life-time
relationships need both life and time. They teach you lessons for a
life-time. They accept you, love you, fight for you and at times fight
with you too . But never leave you. From them you should learn your
part of compassion and compatibility.

People come into your life for Reason,Season or Life-time. It is very
important to give a thought that the relationships we have in our life
are into which phase. some one very rightly said ” It isnt bad to not
ever reach your star , but it is bad never to have a stat to reach
Someday everything will make perfect sense . So, for now when your
being accused of not able to handle any relationship well in your life
just laugh over it and move on. We are all free to show our choices of
relationships. No one can take away that freedom so if you have had a
relationship that lasted just for a season stay at peace and let it

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