‘Babri Masjid’ – An Eternal Name for Indian Muslims

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By Dr. Naushad Ali, Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi, New York TIO: The longest-serving Indian Rulers from 1526 to 1857 (334 years) were Mughals of Turkic-Mongol origin. Baber was the founder of Mughal’s Empire, and his off-springs were able to create a new culture that gave birth to Ganga-Jamuni Civilization called Hindustani. Thus, they changed the Brahminical exploitative dynamics in India and are subject to hate by Sanghis. Their foot-prints and world-class monuments, including the Taj Mahal and both Red Forts (Delhi and Agra) are the thorns in the Sangh’s eyes.

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Most of the Muslim Rulers who came before him are either vilified by Sanghis or buried in the layers of RSS, which attacked and destroyed Babri Masjid even though Ram Janambhoomiwas not proven at that site. They started narrative as “Dhancha,” totally disregarding the term Babri Masjid. If the Sanghi government or establishment is asking to remove the name “Babri Masjid” from any new development at the SC assigned new site and newly formed trust (i.e., Indo-Islamic trust), Muslims must reject out-rightly. This is because Sanghi establishments want to erase the history and name of the Muslim Footprints and Mughals using nefarious design. We tend to forget our past about the Babri Masjid struggle. Here is a little reminder:

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Late Syed Shahabuddin, Indian Foreign Service (IFS) diplomat, MP, and editor of Muslim India’ and his colleagues formed a 10-membered Babri Masjid Movement Coordination Committee (BMMCC) in December 1986. Due to internal conflict, the organization was split, and a 5-membered All India Babri Masjid Movement Action Committee (AIBMAC) was constituted in October 1988 by Abdullah Bukhari, Azam Khan, and Zafaryab Jilani.

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However, both committees continued to cooperate on legal matters. Muslims were beaten, killed, lynched, discriminated, and terrorized by rioting and mass murder by the Sangh ideologists, but they never gave up or fell into the ditch of greed. The current generation of Maulanas and leaders are going just opposite of the original struggle. The bottom line is that “Babri Masjid” was never erased from the committees and organizations working on Babri Masjid’s interests. Muslims’ righteousness, honesty, and straight path have been the real force that prolonged grabbing the Babri Masjid land by Sanghisunder Ranjan Gagoi was installed as the Chief Justice of India’s Supreme Court.

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Muslim Personal Law Boards (Central and Regionals) have not contributed enough to the Muslims’ progress on any major issues or protection of Muslims’ interests. Now they are ready to sell the name of “Babri Masjid,” copyright of Mughal’s rule in India. This is why Allama Iqbal was pained in his following couplet (from Jawab-e-Shikwa):

“Ho Niko Naam Jo Qabaron Ki Tajarat KarKe

Kya Na Becho Ge Jo Mil Jayen Sanam Pathar Ke”

(Meaning: “In turning graves to profit, you have proved yourselves adept; Should idol‐trading offer gain, of course, you would accept.”) 

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Dr. Naushad Ali

Dr. Naushad Ali, The author is an Associate Professor of Research at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Ali received a college education from Aligarh Muslim University (India), and did postdoctoral training at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Colorado (USA). He works on gastrointestinal cancers with particular emphasis on liver cancer. He has researched for 25 years on RNA viruses. He is currently investigating how SARS-CoV-2, an RNA virus, causes lungs and liver damages, which ultimately leads to death.

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