Pakistani men are Dogs

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By Sajjad Suhail-Sindhu, USA, TIO: Pakistani men are being compared to dogs for the way they have recently treated a woman, and because this behavior must be widespread, in general, are being called dogs!

I think this is not fair!

I must come to their rescue – for I know that given their upbringing, their system of education, they are handicapped -Take these pages – right here, the number of times we get “any” kind of response from anyone – it is this: Jazak Allah Khair!

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These 3 words form the singular “collective” intellectual compendium of those who say it / write it. They never say anything in addition to it! I don’t know who these people are – but if I was to analyze them upon seeing them – I’ll come to this conclusion. Through their upbringing, it is likely, they had one book, on each page of which was written: Jazak Allah Khair! Think about it -Each page had this – Jazak Allah Khair!

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In this tiny construction – there is. 1) Izzat for the writer.  2) Respect. 3) Izzat and Respect!

Did I miss something !?

So – given that this construct brings ALL that he desires from society – why would he want to learn anything else !? Does it make sense !?

Here is the worse part -Those who assaulted that woman – likely, never even read that singular book with those three simple words!

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Therefore, it stands to reason, though while they are humans, their intellect is equivalent to those of animals – dogs included – one often finds on a farm.

As for the rest – those who desire to acquire empathy, sympathy, and other character traits that will lead them to nirvana where women are respected as they should be – this following writeup of mine is a humble discussion here, and it is hoped, will be found as a starting point, a seeding to more comprehensive discussions wherever thinking people gather, leading to additional introspection by all, and, postings of same on social media, books and or magazines would be most welcome.

So, for these reasons, I submit this little discussion here – as a public service…

And as a long shot, hopefully, it’ll turn some dogs into human beings!

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“ . . Respect for women is not something a society can learn from word of mouth  “sayings”, a mode typical of Pakistani learning.

Much of what Pakistanis learn, they do so by virtue of “submitting” themselves to half-educated preachers giving sermons, at Masjids and other religious “ Jalsas.”

If one studies countries where respect for women is equal to that of men ( maybe %90 +), one will see a society where, in history, multiple developments took place in improving multiple aspects of human life that inadvertently drew women into the fore, causing them to become engaged in society in a contributory way! That is key – contributing to the well-being of society at large, such that men had no say in women being granted those openings in society.

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There are several avenues this discussion can go, where we see women being asked to enter into contributing to the everyday running of some aspect of life – but I’ll pick just one! I’m sure you will be familiar with how women in the west acquired the “ vote”, allowing them more say in how women should be seen, given work opportunities, etc. But the biggest thing that happened in history, that gave women opportunities to make contributions was during and after the Second World War.

You know where I’m going with this – Once women were in the workplace, they were not going back home and into the kitchen – even when the men came back after the war.

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In addition, after the war, European countries began to open up mass education for all, education that trained women for the newly burgeoning fields of health, commerce and engineering, and sciences, and education itself.

You may want to read a biography of one, post Second World War Prime minister Clement Attlee, of the UK the man responsible for such changes in the UK.

University-level education became available to women as per men in Europe, bringing men and women in contact with one another at an intellectual level, an activity that brought men’s attention to the obvious fact that women were equal to men in all fields previously considered too hard – particularly as women often scored higher in exam scores than men.

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Again, you know where I am going with this.

So, several decades of this created generations of women being educated to very high standards,  getting them to be ready for all fields that were previously reserved for men, and newer fields opening up as per technological changes.

One thing you will have noted is the absence of religion in my discussion here – in regard to changing events that opened up scenarios for women acquiring human contribution garnering positions in society!

This is a very important feature of societies that accorded equal respect for women.

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Islam plays a major role in preventing women’s integration into society in general. In fact, Islam is used to keeping women at lower levels of functioning in most Muslim societies!

I don’t want to go into how throughout the history of Islam, men have always been in control and therefore have made sure women were never represented in a positive light in any aspect of the prophet’s life – thereby relegating women to those lower leeks.

No one ever looks at the obvious facts regarding women in Islam, namely that the very first woman to convert to Islam, the prophet’s wife was in fact a very intelligent, very successful Businesswoman who through dint of her experiences chose our prophet to marry above all other men in Mecca.

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Muslims simply do not allow such discussions as it attempts to put women in a better light – an activity laded with horrors for all maulvies the world over. The point is if the prophet was married to a most intelligent woman in Mecca, what was it about him that caused all his Jibril-inspired visions that never painted women in a better light?

Or, perhaps there were visions putting women in a better light – but the men in control of this religion, particularly after the passing of the prophet, simply “threw” these out!

I know I’m getting myself in hot water with a lot of people here!

So I’ll just move on . . .

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Another problem in Pakistan is the ever-increasing population levels, these do not allow for an atmosphere there, to be created where it becomes favorable for women to be seen to be making a significant enough contribution to leave their mark – such that men stand up and take note.

There is a lot about Pakistani people, their religion, lack of work opportunities, and an ever-increasing population that in sharp contrast with historical developments in Europe, a significant enough similarity simply cannot exist for women there to begin to mimic their European counterparts – thereby acquiring equal status with men in all aspects of society.

I have often wanted to write about this, and as seen in some aspects of this discussion, there is danger even in the discussion.

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So there we have it –

Men can not be taught to respect women in the only significant education they get – that is listening to sermons delivered by badly educated men at Friday prayers!

This simply is not enough!

Compiled and Curated By Humra Kidwai. Copy Edited By Adam Rizvi,




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