Mira Nair, Priyanka tweets for release of Actress Sadaf Jafar who spend New Year in jail with protesters against CAA.

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By Shirin Abbas, Edited By Adam Rizvi Dec 30, 2019, Lucknow, TIO: It seems it is not enough that the peaceful protestors of December 19 from Lucknow are forced to spend their New Year in jail in a cold, bitter winter when temperatures have dipped to their lowest in decades. Rumors are doing the rounds of the possible eviction of congress spokeswoman and social activist Sadaf Jafar from her house.

It is so that the UP police misconduct is and will be causing wrongful convictions. I wonder under such circumstances when the nationwide protest is on and thousands have been arrested, beaten, charged under various acts, How do victims of police misconduct respond to such false allegations of wrongdoing or to police lies about the circumstances surrounding an arrest or seizure or damage of the property the honest hardworking citizens are just numb? How often do victims of police misconduct contest false charges at trial? do they really are in their mind and shape after coming out of jail.

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I also wonder how often the victim resolves charges through plea bargaining? while I write I do not have any definitive answers to these question, these are scary times, not just men women and children are very very scared, they are understanding how the constitution which guarantees them certain rights are no more effective, they are understanding might is right and nothing is available to the citizens of this great nation Hindustan, what is available in today’s environment is unjust system, corrupt fascist government and the Police brutality who won’t even let you die in peace, your own protector becomes your executor.

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The rumors doing the rounds come in the wake of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visiting Sadaf’s children and the family of former IPS officer SR DArapuri on Sunday despite the local administration trying its best to stop her from doing do. Between using a private vehicle, riding pillion on a party activist’s scooter and then being forced to walk it, Priyanka Gandhi managed to outwit those determined to stop her from her mission and succeeded in meeting Darapuri’s family and Sadf’s children.  Sadaf Jafar, the only woman who was arrested in Lucknow on December 19 during a protest against the amended citizenship law, a single parent remains incarcerated till January 3 at least, when her bail application comes up for hearing.

Sadaf, a well-known social activist in Lucknow and a Congress member, had gone live on social media at the protest site, Parivartan Chawk, showing how police and Rapid Action Force personnel stood watching as some anti-social elements and other police damaged public and private property.

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Sadaf was beaten up at a police station before she was sent to jail, according to some Congress leaders who had met her after her arrest. Police have denied the allegation.

On Sunday Priyanka Gandhi met Sadaf’s young children and her sister Naheed, who is also a social activist. “The two children of Sadaf are waiting for the release of their mother. This emotionless government has kept away children from their mothers and elders from their children,” the Congress general secretary tweeted later.

According to allegations made by local people, of the 150 people arrested since December 19 for “rioting”, at least a dozen were minors.

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“The government has crossed all limits of inhumanity. Sadaf Jafar is clearly asking the police in the video to arrest those who were resorting to violence. The police implicated Sadaf in false cases and sent her to jail,” Priyanka tweeted. “The UP government has crossed all limits of inhumanity,” Priyanka Gandhi tweeted. “Congress activist Sadaf Jafar is clearly seen in the video asking the police to arrest those spreading the violence. The police have put Sadaf in jail by making baseless allegations.”

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