Foreign minister Dr. S Jaishankar, an alumnus of JNU condems the attack by masked men 19 students, teachers injured.

ABVP on the rampage inside JNU campus, JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh, faculty attacked

By Dr. Shirin Abbas, New Delhi, The India Observer, TIO: 05 January 2020. After its unprovoked violence in Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia Islamia, the latest reports coming out from JNU suggests that ABVP has unleashed a brutal attack on the campus, leaving many students injured.

The president of the JNU Students Union Aishe Ghosh has had her head split open with a deep gash, blood running down her face, she spoke to the media talking about how brutally she had been attacked inside the campus. A lady faculty has also been admitted to AIIMS with head injuries.

JNU student leader Aishe Ghosh bleeding after the attack

JNU registrar Pramod Kumar has said in a statement, “This is an urgent message for the entire JNU community that there are a law and order situation on the campus. Masked miscreants armed with sticks are roaming around, damaging property and attacking people. The JNU administration has called the police to maintain order.”

He added, “This is the moment to remain calm and be on the alert… Efforts are already being made to tackle the miscreants.”

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Eyewitnesses said the 50-odd goons entered the campus around 6.30 pm. They are yet to be flushed out. JNUSU tweeted that professors trying to protect the students were beaten up. “These are unknown ABVP goons, not all are students, they have covered their faces,” the tweet read. JNUSU vice-president Saket Moon claimed the mob was going from room to room “indiscriminately attacking students”. Through it, security guards remained “mute spectators”, he said.

The ABVP members who wore masks barged into the hostels in JNU had beaten up students and faculties, in response to the on-going protests against the Citizenship amendment bill. 

“The mob threw huge stones and entered hostels,” a professor, Atul Sood, told a private TV channel.  “These were not small stones, these were big stones that could have broken our skulls. I fell on the side and when I came out, I saw cars completely vandalized, including my car.”

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Foreign minister Dr. S Jaishankar, an alumnus of the university, tweeted: “Have seen pictures of what is happening in #JNU. Condemn the violence unequivocally. This is completely against the tradition and culture of the university.”

Police stood as silent spectators even as reports of the violence went viral on social media, flooded with videos and stills of students and even faculty who were not spared by the goons. 

A faculty member who tried to shield student injured
Activist Yogendra Yadav was manhandled outside the university. “This is an attack right under the nose of Delhi police…this was an attack on the university,” he told NDTV. He also claimed that he had information that the police had been present all along at the gates of the university, but did not act. “It is beyond shocking,” he said.
“This the last thing you expect. Delhi police are at the gate and under their protection, the assault is going on. This is a premeditated attack. I was told that it is in the presence of the SHO of the locality that the ABVP goons entered the campus,” said Swaraj Party chief Yogendra Yadav who was not allowed to enter the campus even though he had reached the spot. He said the road to the campus had been barricaded and they had to walk a kilometer to reach the JNU gate on getting reports of the violence inside. 
Congress’s Rahul Gandhi condemned the mob attack. “The fascists in control of our nation, are afraid of the voices of our brave students. Today’s violence in JNU is a reflection of that fear,” his tweet read.

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