Meet, Mayor Tom Lankey the hottest star of Edison

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Left To Right, Former Vice President Joe Biden, Mayor Tom Lankey & NJ gubernatorial candidate for Governor Phil Murphy

Mayor Tom Lankey’s distinguished career as a Chairman of Township Finance Committee and senior Vise President President at JFK Health System in Edison, are just a few of his accomplishments, but nevertheless, they have paved the way for a leader under whom Edison will continue to thrive for years to come. As a lifelong resident of Edison, Mayor Tom Lankey has a genuine concern for the people who live and work in Edison Township, and wants to continue strengthening its economic and financial stability under his leadership.

Hate Flyer-US Nov Elections

Recently, a racist campaign flyer was mailed to homes in Edison asking to “Make Edison Great Again” and calling for the deporting of two Asian school board candidates. In response, Mayor Tom Lankey called the campaign flyer vile and racist and promised to do everything possible to expose the “shameful” people spreading hate. Mayor Lankey also assured residents that the Edison community is proud of its religious and cultural diversity, and vowed to protect residents by reacting swiftly to any potential threats resulting from the distribution of the flyer.

Left To Right, Councilman Ajay Patil, Shivi Prasad Madhukar Board Of Education, Host Sam Khan, Nilesh Dosondi, Dr. Mohd Zubair, Mayor Tom Lankey, Congressman Frank Pallone, Councilman Dr. Nuran Nabi at Recent Election Rally organized by South Asian Democratic Party on Nov 3rd at Shezan, an upscale Asian restaurant in Edison, NJ

With a large culturally and religiously diverse population, Major Tom Lankey has ensured that Town Hall efficiently caters to over 102,000 residents. Believing in equal opportunity for all, Mayor Tom Lankey embraces cultural diversity and ensures that Town Hall recruits employees who better reflect the community’s diversity. Together, they have created multi-cultural programs and outreach initiatives. Under his steady leadership, his administration has invested in infrastructure by revitalizing the parks, and devoting more resources to the Public Works Departments so and Police and Fire Departments, so that each department can provide more effective services to the people of the town and its residents. His administration, in keeping with our progressive Democratic principles, encouraged Edison’s newest residents to get involved in public affairs, to run for elected office, to work in public service, and to hold appointed posts on local boards and commissions.

During his tenure as Mayor, Edison has become an attractive destination for both small and large corporations and new small business and professional offices have opened here. With more job opportunities, Edison’s unemployment is lowered to 2.8%, and property values are on rise. His administration strengthened Edison’s economy by adding 3500 new jobs. In addition, Mayor Tom Lankey personally dedicates countless hours to serving the people of Edison, and his decades of corporate experiences have armed him the managerial skills to deal with the city’s finances and complex budge, and ensure that property taxes remain low.

Author Mariam Fatima is an attorney and writes frequently on issues effecting Indian Americans. Edited By Adam Rizvi

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