JNU and its tryst with student activism with Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar

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So Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar are back in news. The right-wing leaning JNU panel has penalized and ordered rustication from JNU campus. This is an internal matter of the University. Hundreds of students must be rusticated by college authorities every year. But Umar and Kanhaiya are special. They are the changemakers of political activism in India. So the entire University will be brought to its knees over the next few weeks. Morchas, protests, public meetings, social media interviews, TV interviews and everything else except study will be the focus on the University campus.

A batch of new entrants will be entering the JNU campus and this is what they will see. When they will see their seniors and peers participating in such activism across the campus, the media vans parked outside JNU, and Kanhaiya and Umar and their sidekicks moving around like heroes in the campus – they will start believing that this is how India works.

They will be made to believe that everything in India is Right Wing versus Left Wing. That the Right Wing is out to destroy Left Wing and probably the country will go back to dark ages if this happens. So sitting in the classroom and listening to professors is a waste of time. The action is out there on the streets. That is the real learning. What use are 4 walls with a passionate professor talking with a book in hand? It is so boring.
100s of students will start believing that the world is a cruel place and India has become a dangerous place to live under Modi and that they need to do something about it NOW. If they don’t, then India will sink. They will forget the fact that there are politicians in power across the country who are fighting the same battle politically by building the mahagatbandhan to oust the BJP in 2019. And the weakest parties and politicians (money, citizen support and otherwise) in this mahagatbandhan are the leftists. This the political party and belief system Umar and Kanhaiya represent.

At 30, these guys are still in university campuses trying to change the world. They refuse to go out, seek a corporate job or even a political job and strive to become professionals where they will be paid for delivering outcomes. Because they can’t. At 30, with no understanding of how the world works, they have rendered themselves useless to the real world. Which is why they prefer the make-believe world of a revolution inside a campus. And many of the young students will believe this to be a path worth following while neglecting studies.

A couple of years back, I had done an analysis of the career paths of these political revolutionaries versus the JNU alumni who focused on academic excellence. The results were exactly as I had assumed. 99% of the past Presidents of JNU, irrespective of what political ideology they belonged, have failed to make a dent in the world, politically or otherwise. On the other hand, those who chased academic excellence like Nirmala Sitharaman, Amitabh Kant, S Jaishankar, not only made a name for themselves globally but made money and most importantly, impacted change in their fields of expertise.

So if you have a youngster in your family or around you who believes in Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar, show them the reality of their political seniors from JNU over the past 25 years. Umar and Kanhaiya are walking on the same path of becoming political nobodies.

These 30-year-olds are using them to make their own political careers because in the outside world no 30-year-old will have time for these losers. 30-year-olds make 15-20 lacs a year and hold responsible positions across the corporate, social, academic, and political sector in this country. They are paid to deliver outcomes. But these JNU leaders – if you ask them what outcome they want from their political activism, they will say something as vague as social justice and equality. And if you ask them how they want to achieve it, they will say through protests, morchas, and revolution. It hasn’t worked, it won’t work. Not now, not ever.

This is Jordan Peterson. He is a Professor of psychology who has taught at Harvard and is now teaching at the University of Ontario. Currently, he is the most hated person amongst the liberals and leftists across the world because he is peeling off their sham through a powerful counterattack of intellectual arguments, something the liberals and leftists believe is their exclusive domain in the world. Watch him speak in this 10-minute interview. He says almost exactly what I have been saying for the past many years.

Listen to his arguments carefully without bias. Do some fact checking like I did about the JNU Alumni and then decide for yourself what is the best path for the youngsters to take in this country. Keep them away from these scamsters and the sham of revolutions through political activism.

Never forget this fact that politics is the most soulless, corrupt, and the most underperforming sector in the world.


Ninad Vengurlekar

The writer Ninad Vengurlekar is Masters in Education Technology, from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He runs an EdTech start-up and is based out of Mumbai.

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