It’s Right, to be wrong at times

It’s sometimes so terrifying for us to know or accept the fact that we are wrong. We need to allow ourselves – and each other – to be wrong once in a while, it’s right to be wrong too.

Most of us believe that they cannot be wrong.  No matter how dire the situation or how obvious their mistake is, they obstinately stick to their position and insist they are right. They’ll go through all kinds of contortions to not admit a mistake, even going as far as covering things up, blaming someone else or denying that it ever happened.

Why can’t we stop, reevaluate and see the picture from a different tangent, we never know but we might get a better view or a more convincing answer, it aint too risky???

So, what stops us??? I think most of the times it’s our ego, feeling shameful or looked upon as inferior or weak.

The ability to be wrong is a significant part of self-awareness because it indicates that you’re mature and healthy enough to admit a mistake, learn from it and move on.

In the drive for perfection we stretch and tire ourselves so much that we expect similar perfect attitude or results from everyone around. We not only elevate and raise our bars but also do it for others. This in turn leads to frustration, anger when our expectations are not met.

Chill, relax, not everyone is perfect, not even you.

Change your perception about being wrong and it will change you for the better. Look at it as a learning experience and take it as an opportunity for growth.

Shed all your fears about being wrong, you will not only start trying new things but also stop hating yourself if things didn’t go according to the set plan.

And moreover understand that Perfectionism is also a disease, because everyone can do mistakes, learn from them and grow.

Remember it was rightly said “To err is human” so stop being God, relax in life, make it peaceful than a living hell.

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