Indian American congressional candidate Goutam U. Jois fighting to represent a changing New Jersey

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Goutam U. Jois has seen New Jersey change first hand. A New Jersey native, the Indian-American lawyer and activist is now fighting to represent a changing New Jersey.

Jois is running for the Democratic nomination in the state’s 7th Congressional District. Jois has visited every corner of the geographically wide and diverse area, which includes a large Indian-American community, and several Hindu temples, mosques, and gurdwaras. Although the district has been represented for nearly a decade by longtime Republican Rep. Leonard Lance, the district is now considered a “toss up,” and recent polling shows Rep. Lance vulnerable.

“We need to build a new political coalition, not just in this district, but across the country, that brings together people of different ages, backgrounds, and political persuasions, to give people a voice in the political process who previously didn’t have one. And that includes the Indian-American community, one of the fastest-growing demographics in the country.”

Jois has long been a champion of underrepresented communities. He has fought against police brutality in the U.S. Supreme Court, worked tirelessly to protect immigrants’ rights, and stood up for free speech. Jois is running to make sure that all voices are heard in Congress.

But there is more to Jois’s campaign than just standing up for civil rights. He is trying to bridge ideological and partisan divides, even as he touts his progressive credentials. He is also running a campaign that steers clear of the influence of big money donors, arguing that members of Congress have to listen to voters, not special interests.

“Year after year, the party establishment has selected candidates who use the same consultants to run the same campaigns with the same, tired messaging. It’s no surprise that, year after year, those candidates lose. We’re being creative, engaging, and different. We registered voters at movie theaters during showings of Black Panther. We helped high school students organize a gun safety rally. We recently hosted a ‘Play Date for Change’ so parents with young kids can learn about the campaign in a family-friendly atmosphere. That’s how we engage and empower new voters, and that’s how we’re going to win — with the truth, not talking points.”

Jois has been at the front lines of social activism for nearly two decades, from his time as Youth Governor of New Jersey through his time as an activist, organizer, and attorney. He is running to be be the voice his district – and the Indian American community – for a more inclusive America.

To learn more about Jois, and find out how you can support his campaign prior to the June 5 New Jersey primary, visit his website at

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