Imran Khan, the modern-day Aristotle, the Philosopher King

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By Sajjad Suhail-Sindhu, Copy Edited By Adam Rizvi, TIO: The rise of Islamophobia was concurrent with the demise of the economies of the Muslim world and the demise of the erstwhile “protector” of the Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Libya, it was the USSR. Add to that the fact the Muslim leaders were near illiterate people who had easily been bought by those that were behind the creation of Islamophobia as a brand – to brand the Muslims as Evil people.
But it ALL began with the Muslims themselves, the citizens of these Muslim countries repeat offenses of electing illiterates to lead them.
How does this happen?

Consider Pakistan, what are the characteristics of these people that they are easily swayed by these illiterates and don’t seem to understand the one leader who is the COMPLETE opposite of them, Imran Khan?

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It is that for too long, they have been brought up on a diet of lies, conceit, and acceptance of all things corrupt – in short, presented with an honest person replete with Allah’s goodness, they simply do not recognize him as Allah’s gift sent to them.
This is the Pakistani’s “marred” character that they still do not see Imran as the Great leader he is, a modern-day:
Aristotle, the Philosopher King!
All those PTI members that have turned away from Imran in the ongoing debacle of attempts to remove him are ALL answerable to the electorate that elected them. It is onerous on this electorate to reach the offices of these, “Ghaddars” and tell them in NO uncertain terms that these Ghaddars are not acting on behalf of those that elected them!
Therefore – it stands to reason, that these PTI Member’s TURNCOAT activity is innocuous – it Carries ZERO value and, the Supreme Court MUST rule in Imran Khan’s favor and repudiate this “Adame-itiade.”
Imran Khan is not just Pakistan’s leader, he has already shown a propensity to be a leader for all Muslims the world over – the solitary being with a backbone to take on the west and her insidious plans to forever make Muslims look bad, and reverse their branding of Muslims as evil, but rather, as peaceful people who led the world in all things Science, Medicine and Engineering and Arts and, indeed, provided the west with the Seeds that gave rise to their Scientific Revolution and the much-celebrated Age of Enlightenment.
If Imran is removed, the endangering of Muslims the world over is likely to stay on the downward arc it has been on for the past quarter-century, with no end to the downward depths it will travel, and whom it will come to coerce the heinous acts that go with such behavior.
Perhaps an answer to this question can be found in the parallels found in Germany’s Nazi-era of the late 1930s and 1940s.
Sajjad Suhail-Sindhu is a Special Correspondent and covers South East Asia.

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