Everything about Paresh Rawal and Arundhati Roy twitter war

By Roy Daniels, Edited By Adam Rizvi, TIO: Actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal says Arundhati Roy should be used as a Human Shield by India. Yes, yes Mr. Rawal I agree with you wholeheartedly. And, I wonder why all these Nehruvian, bloody fool secularists and other assorted liberals should take exception to such a wise and noble idea. Why? For God’s sake, hasn’t India been using Arundhati Roy as a human shield all these years? And have we not profited greatly from doing so? When we are accused of being intolerant don’t we use her as a shield to say, “See we tolerate her, and all her criticism of the government, so how can we be intolerant?”
So, she shields us from being classified as an intolerant banana republic.
And, in the climate when the NGO and other opinion makers are running scared, when we are accused of smothering dissent, don’t we use her as a shield, once again, to say, “Look at Arundhati Roy, the High Queen of dissidence. Yet India allows her to write books that are even taught in schools and colleges. She’s a free body.”
So, she shields us from the righteous charge of being a nation that subdues dissent.
And, when we are accused of being a nation where the media are like animals in a circus, always performing, tame, docile, accustomed to covering at the cracking of the whip, almost drugged into submission, don’t we use her as a shield, saying, “Look at Arundhati Roy, doesn’t she write the foulest criticism of the government in the same media you are saying is docile. And do we stop her?”
So, she shields us from the grievous sin of being a nation that aspires to modernity and leadership, and yet terrifies its media.
Yes, Mr. Rawal, you are bang on. We have been using Arundhati Roy as a human shield and in this time of Ab Ke Baar Modi Sarkar, with intolerance and lynching the high fashion of the day, we sorely need her, and people like her as shields, to shield us from the horror and disgust the world has for us. We survived 3 years of it, and to survive two more we surely need shields like her.


Roy Daniels

Roy Daniels is famous in the world of media and is loved and admired for his work. He has written and directed over 200 short films and is a writer and strategist who has worked in communications for over 25 years.

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