Five male Judges, Different Faith, Triple Talaq, No Women Judge, Give me a break!

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“Five Supremes, from five different religions, are listening to the case for and against the triple talaq in the Supreme Court, a Hindu, Christian, Parsi, Muslim, Sikh… Isn’t that remarkable? Only in India, and only from Modi Sarkar.” a Bhakt told me with so much admiration, I thought he was going to collapse weeping with love on my shoulder.

Please, give me a break, I told him, the father of this nation, if he were alive, would have pushed for 5 Muslim Judges to adjudicate this case, or maybe he would have tossed in one wise Hindu, because ultimately it’s a matter of trust in the capability of the Supremes, it’s also an issue for Muslims to resolve. This 5 judges from five religions business are the most sicular kind of secularism that I have ever heard of. And that too in Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar.


Is it official, then? That we don’t trust our judges? Can we not even trust the wisdom of the Supremes unless they are sandwiched with judges of different religions who will balance each other’s bias? Is bias a given then? Can, from this day onwards, a Hindu man facing the death penalty before a Muslim judge, say in court, I want two judges, I don’t just want just this Muslim fellow, I also want a Hindu Judge, like you did in the talaq case. And yes, throw in a Parsi, they are good fellows who are more humane? And they also make good Dansak. And, with this trend what would you say to your child who claimed victimization in school, and demanded a Hindu school principal, sitting next to that devious Kijjun (Christian), who already runs the institution? Yes, I definitely need a break.
Because after 70 years of independence, if we can’t trust just one Hindu judge to judge this case, or five, then we may as well ask the British to come back.
And, of course, meanwhile, we must complain in the UN that the Americans should have two judges in their trials of all black people, one black, and one white. And having got there, can we ensure that all trials in India of Dalits should have one Dalit Judge? And, after that throw in judges of all sorts of religions. And maybe, then, the Brahmin may float the compelling argument that all trials of Dalits or Brahmins, or any of the other Hindu, should have judges from all the major castes. So shouldn’t we do that too?
And finally, when we get to heaven or hell, can we insist that the Gods and Devils who greet us there should come from a minimum of 5 religions?
Yes, yes, I definitely need a break…
– Roy Daniels

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