Dignified in Victory, AAP set to serve Delhi on a hat trick

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By Dr. Shirin Abbas, Delhi. Copy Edited By Adam Rizvi, Feb 12: Usually when partied come to power, their victory marches are resplendent with an opulent show of strength, bursting of crackers and huge parades.But that was not the case on Tuesday evening. The only sign of any public show was a visit by CM-incumbent for the third time, Arvind Kejriwal to the Connaught Place Hanuman temple where he performed his prayers as a token of thanks. CM to be Kejriwal had already issued instructions to not burst any firecrackers as that would further pollute Delhi air.

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It was a fabulous gift from Delhi to the CM’s wife Sunita on her birthday and she, glowing with pride, said “Nothing could have been better.  Delhi has shown that it values good work. We will continue to serve the people of Delhi the way we have these past five years and try to do even better in this term.” Sunita, a senior government official, has taken VRS from her job to help campaign for her husband during the last few months. Kejriwal’s daughter, HArshita, an executive in a private firm had also joined her father on the campaign trail, taking an extended leave from her job for the campaign. She is now set to return to her job in a week. “It has been a hectic time but I must thank the people of Delhi for the love and faith they have bestowed on us. Everywhere we went, people would say, “Why have you come. There is no need, we have known the good work you have done, you concentrate on other areas, we are with you.”

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Her younger brother Pulkit, a collegian, said he spent his evenings canvassing for his father and repeated the same words. “The amount of love and faith we have got from the public has really done a lot to erode the bitterness raked up by our opponents during this poll.”

Women Protest at Shaheen Bagh against CAA, NPR, NRC

From being called a terrorist, Shaheenbagh supporter, agent of Pakistan to being dragged into religious controversy, Kejriwal has faced it all in these polls without saying a word against the Bharatiya Janta Party. The results have borne him and his party in good stead. Aam Aadmi Party trounces BJP with a clear victory of 62 seats against 8 won by the BJP with the Congress drawing a blank and candidates losing their security for not being able to garner even a reasonable percentage of votes. Clearly, for Delhi, the fight was AAP Vs BJP.

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Kejriwal’s right-hand man Manish Sisodia did have some tense moments when for a large part of the counting day he was seen as trailing behind his BJP opponent but finally won his seat by an over 11000 vote margin.

On the eve of the election, purported CM candidate for BJP were it to win, Manoj Tiwari created a stir by saying that Kejriwal’s name was synonymous with pollution, all he had given Delhi was polluted air and polluted vibes, criticizing the AAP head for praying at the Hanuman temple “with polluted hands which had not been washed after removing his shows at the temple.” Tiwari also stated that “the deity would now have to be washed to be purified and Kejriwal’s prayers would go unanswered as he had angered the deity. “

CM Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal

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Kejriwal, without lashing out at Tiwari, replied that as he wore slip-on..he really didn’t have a need to touch his shoes to remove them and stressed, “God belongs to all. No one can stake a sole claim to him just because you are a member of any particular party.”

Though PM Modi has tweeted a congratulatory message to Kejriwal on his victory, Home Minister Amit Shah seemed to have gone onto mute mode, unable to digest the humiliating defeat in Delhi poll. Just before the polls, Shah had made religiously-colored statements saying the 8th February would be an Indo -Pak war (alluding to the date of the Delhi election) and urging people to press the BJP Lotus symbol so hard on the EVM that the current reaches Shaheenbagh and electrocutes the anti-CAA movement. 

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AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan speaking to the media

Women have been sitting in at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi and in other areas of India against the Citizenship Amendment Act for nearly 50 days now urging the government to take back the Act even as Amit Shah has openly declared his government would not cede an inch on their stance. Many people have lost their lives during the anti-CAA movement that has been continuing since December including two toddlers, one in Lucknow and another in Delhi and two women sitting on dharna against the government move in the bitter cold across India’s northern states and national capital. The protests have resulted in thousands of arrests and 27 deaths as of 27 December 2019. With several additions, the figure has crossed 30. Two 17-year old minors were among those reported to have been killed due to police firing live ammunition on protesters in Assam. On 19 December, the police issued a complete ban on protests in several parts of India.

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Video Link : Kejriwal offers prayers at CP Hanuman Temple


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