Another Muslim prayer row, UP Police takes Muslim’s side, Hindutva zealots unhappy  

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By Our Correspondent Syed Ali Mujtaba, The India observer, TIO, NJ: Prayagraj: Hindutva zealots went hammer and tongs on Whats App, Twitter, and other social media pressurizing the UP police to take action against a Muslim woman who was found offering ‘Namaz’ at a secluded place in the hospital where his loved one is admitted.  This happened on Friday, September 23, 2022, at a Government hospital in the city.

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The video of the woman obviously, the patient’s attendant offering ‘Namaz’ outside a ward at the hospital is widely circulated on social media. The comments made about the video say; that it’s illegal to offer prayers in public spaces and asked the police to register an FIR against the Muslim lady because such an act is not permissible in Uttar Pradesh which is under BJP rule.

However, the police after an inquiry found that the woman had no wrong intentions, no obstructing any work or traffic, and was only praying for the quick recovery of her loved one is not a crime.

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“The inquiry found that the woman in the video was offering ‘Namaz’ without any wrong intentions, and without obstructing any work or traffic, for quick recovery of the patient admitted in the hospital. This act does not fall into any category of crime,” Prayagraj Police tweeted.

However, Hindutva elements are not happy with the police finding; they want that no Muslim should pray in a public place or under open spaces in Uttar Pradesh.

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Recently, on Shajahanpur – Lucknow -Delhi highway, some Muslim pilgrims from West Bengal were traveling to Ajmer and stopped to offer ‘Namaz’ on the roadside. Hindutva zealots hauled them up and made them do sit-ups for praying under the open sky. The Muslim pilgrims were taken to the police station where they had to give a written apology to the police for offering ‘Namaz.’ However, the police took no action against those who had taken the law into their hands.

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In a similar incident two months ago, there were protests by Hindu right-wing groups over the Muslim offering ‘Namaz’ at Lulu Mall in Lucknow. The Muslims who offered the prayer were arrested and later granted bail.

In Madhya Pradesh, a mall in Bhopal witnessed protests by Hindu right-wing groups after some employees were recorded praying in a corner of the mall. Later at both the malls, “any religious activity” was banned on their premises.

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Commenting on the growing hate crime against Muslims for praying I open, AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi asked; “Is praying for some beloved one admitted in the hospital, that too in a corner, without disturbing hurting anyone can be a crime? What really is the intention of those objecting to the Muslim praying Wherever ‘Namaz’ is offered, FIR is registered against the ‘Namazis’,” he said.

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Syed Ali Mujtaba

Syed Ali Mujtaba

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