Rupande Mehta for Denville

Rupande was born in India and came to the US in 2002 for her Master’s degree. She worked as a market researcher assisting and guiding companies to find answers to their most pressing problems. Currently she works at a financial company helping individuals and organizations learn about retirement. Alongside finishing her MPA from Rutgers University, wherein 2016 she was an Eagleton Fellow.

Rupande has also held positions to help those who are affected by domestic violence and abuse. She has served as a liaison between the Department of Child Protection & Permanency and a New Jersey non-profit to educate the department on issues of abuse. She offers her expertise to train domestic violence organizations on issues of abuse, intersectionality, and privilege. Rupande is a writer too with most of her pieces focused and providing relevant information on issues of women’s rights. She contributes towards assisting people in one capacity or the other and believes that embracing diversity strengthens humanity..

Her major goals if elected for Denville are Smart growth: The Council is about to approve a major housing development on Casterline Road without any community impact studies. The 116 new housing units will decidedly bring upon a negative impact from the 116 in the community, as there have been no deep studies to determine the effect on schools, traffic, and other infrastructure matters. Her efforts will be directed towards no unchecked housing, but growth that furthers the development of Denville in a way that benefits its residents and their comfort.

Open government: She looks towards creating greater transparency and open debate with the Council on matters affecting the community members. Major issues to be far better communicated by the council to our residents. To look into matters such as the Council broadcast their meetings on YouTube like the Board of Education and bring democracy to the people• She wants to ensure and preserve educational excellence in our schools. The Board of Education sets policy for our schools, but the council’s actions in allowing unchecked development threaten the stability and excellence of our school district. She understands the need that The BOE, along with the Planning Board and the Zoning Board, should be consulted in a meaningful way to understand the impact of these housing developments •She holds the view that the given tax breaks should be stopped to developers and instead incentives should be provided to attract and retain businesses in Denville. In addition, her focus would be maintained on increasing awareness and diverting resources to the issue of opioids, maintaining clean park spaces for our children and safe roads for our ward.3.
She became a citizen on July 29, 2017, and decided to fully participate in the future of her community by running for office.

Rupande did so because she felt for and shared the many concerns of her fellow Denville residents related to traffic, housing and school development. Issues. She moved with her family to Denville in 2014 and they intend to stay here. Rupande brings along with her a new, outside perspective to the issues that enable her to view problems through a unique lens. She believes that we should always stand up for what we know is right and do our best to help those who need our assistance and strengthen the solidarity of the community. With rising diversity in Denville, she believes having someone on the Council, with a background different from the current composition, along with an understanding in nuances of intersectionality, is what the town shall need for long and her services better consumed.

Adam Rizvi

Adam Rizvi

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