Will not disappoint people of Kashmir at UNGA, vows Pakistan PM Imran Khan

‘The next week I am going to address UN General Assembly and I will not disappoint the people of Kashmir,’ said Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Islamabad, September 13, 2019: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran said on Friday that he will not disappoint Kashmiris at the United Nations General Assembly and vowed to raise their plight at every international platform, after Indian revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

Addressing a gathering in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’s capital Muzaffarabad to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir, Prime Minister Khan said the Kashmir issue has been internationalised, noting that even the European Union and the British Parliament discussed the matter.

“The next week I am going to address UN General Assembly and I will not disappoint the people of Kashmir. I will stand for the rights of Kashmiris as nobody did it in the past,” he said on his scheduled address at the UNGA on September 27.

The Kashmir issue has been internationalised with United Nations Security Council holding closed consultations on it for the first time in 50 years, Khan said on his second visit to Muzaffarabad after India revoked Article 370 of its Constitution and ended the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, evoking a sharp response from Islamabad.

Asserting that abrogation of Article 370 was its internal matter, India has strongly criticised Pakistan for making “irresponsible statements” and provocative anti-India rhetoric by Pakistani leaders over the issues internal to the country.

“The European Union, for the first time, said that the Kashmir issue should be resolved as per UN resolutions. OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) and 58 countries supported Pakistan that oppression was committed in Kashmir and that curfew should be lifted in Kashmir,” Khan said.

The Prime Minister warned that India’s actions in Kashmir will result in the rise of extremism.

“I want to warn India that extremism will rise as the people in Kashmir will stand up against oppression. When people are fed up, then they decide that it is better to die than being subjected to disgrace,” he said.

“Even if I am subjected to this kind of treatment, I will fight against it as death is better than insult,” Khan said.

Khan claimed that the February 14 Pulwama attack was carried out by a young man who was fed up with the treatment being meted to the Kashmiris.

He warned that Pakistan will respond to any kind of attack by India.

“If India throws a brick, we will respond with a stone,” he said.

Continuing with his tirade against India over the Kashmir issue, Khan called the BJP-led government “fascist” and “supremacist”, alleging that it poses a threat to Pakistan as well as to the minorities in India.

“I want to give a message to Modi…You will never succeed despite oppression because Kashmiris are not afraid of death. So you cannot defeat them, no matter what you do,” he said.

Khan also said what is happening in Kashmir will be dangerous for the liberal-minded people of India.

Referring to the Balakot strikes by the Indian Air Force, he said Pakistan returned the Indian pilot in a goodwill gesture as Islamabad wanted to solve all problems through talks.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan’s gesture was interpreted as a weakness.

“We are not afraid of anything like death. We did it because we wanted peace,” he said.

Khan also urged the people not to march toward the Line of Control as announced.

“Do not go towards the LoC, I will tell you when you should go. First let me tell the world that if Kashmir is not solved, the entire world will feel he impact,” he said.

Earlier, Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi addressed the people at the rally which was also attended by celebrities and cricketers.

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