Will India be another Germany under Hitler?

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By Prof. Indrajit S Saluja, Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi, TIO: India has undergone much change since 2014 when Narendra Modi came in as the Prime Minister of India. The nation is now better known abroad for a mix of reasons. To Modi supporters, India has gained popularity because of Modi’s charisma and the great work he has done. To Modi’s detractors, India has gained more notoriety than popularity. They cite lynchings of minority community members, atrocities on minorities, including rape of Dalit women, and frequent violation of human rights.

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An objective analysis reveals a terrifying pattern reminiscent of Hitler’s times. Hitler spoke of the superiority of the German race. One cannot miss the same message coming from the BJP and its supporting Hindu organizations- the RSS, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and many more. The hatred of Hitler’s Nazi party for the Jews is comparable with the hatred of the BJP combine mentioned above, for Muslims who have been the target of lynchings ever since Modi came to power. The Hindutva group in power is speaking the language of Hitler when it comes to
punishing Muslims who they describe as anti-national, unpatriotic, and even Pakistanis. Just as Hitler put thousands to death in gas chambers, the Hindutva group wants Muslims to be annihilated.

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The process was initiated much before Modi became Prime Minister. He was then Chief Minister of Gujarat. In the now-infamous massacre of Muslims in the post -Godhra incidents, Modi was seen as the promoter of violence against Muslims. many police and civil officers besides the credible community witnesses recorded evidence of the involvement of Chief Minister Modi, Home Minister Shah, and other BJP and Hindutva leaders in the mayhem.

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The disturbing reports reaching the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee made him make a statement in the Indian parliament on the grim situation and violence against one community called upon Chief Minister Modi to follow the “Raj Dharma” – the duty of the king to treat all equally and to protect all equally.

Lynching- Mohammed-Naeem-is-seen-soaked-in-blood-pleading-to-villagers-with-folded-hands-to-spare-his-life-hours-before-he-was-beaten-to-death

The pattern, I said earlier above, is quite clear and disturbing. What is different from Hitler’s pattern in India is the scope of Hindutva hatred which extends to other minorities, too. Christians are as much a target of hatred and violence, as Muslims.

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Add to the list the Dalits and the hundreds of tribes living a subhuman existence who are not considered Hindus by the Hindutva groups which are dominated and controlled by the Caste Hindus. They are tolerated because they have votes which the BJP is always eager to grab.

What happened to the farmers, mostly Sikhs, in Lakhimpur Kheri was to happen, anyways. The kind of language of hate which has been coming from BJP chief Ministers in UP and Haryana was enough to prepare the BJP/RSS/ VHP Hindutva cadres to go into action. It is just a warning shot. As they say, the teaser. The full
drama is yet to come from the BJP. And, it falls to a pattern in much the same way as a calculated military strike against an enemy. Imagine a government that looks upon some of its citizens as enemies and treats them as such!


Any just government would not allow a minister accused of homicide to continue in the government. But it happens in the Modi government. Any just administration would not let a man accused of the brutal killing of people under a vehicle roam free. But it happens in the Yogi government of UP. The BJP Chief Ministers of UP and Haryana behave like an autocrat denying people entry into the State without any valid reason. And, what’s more, arresting people at will, again without any valid reason. You talk of human rights. Wait and see, you will find them telling people they have no right to life until specifically granted by them.

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It all bodes ill for democracy in India. Let the politicians in opposition to the BJP governments know if they don’t see the threat to democracy in India now, they may find it too late in one or two years. I only hope, there are enough people in India who would remember the sacrifices made by thousands upon thousands to achieve freedom from the foreign yoke and bring to the masses the sweet taste of democracy. And I hope they will value the sacrifices of liberators of India and do all that they can to preserve the liberty of each Indian in a functional democracy.

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Author, Prof. Indrajit S Saluja is a New York Based, publisher of  The Indian Panorama and can be reached on his email

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