Tucker Carlson’s Replacement Theory and Protectionism.

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By Sajjad Suhail-Sindhu, Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi, TIO: The recent killings in upstate New York has sparked a debate regarding the often raised specter of white people being replaced by others, such as black people and new comers from 3rd world countries, on most right wing media services, and particularly, notably, Fox’s main protagonist, Tucker Carlson.

Here is my take, take of a man born in a third world country, Pakistan, raised in England and spent the best part of my working life in  the US.

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Let me start by stating at the outset, that I prefer using the word “protectionism”, as opposed to “replacement.”

We came here from afar, to these developed societies that had prospered. Societies with an equitous skeleton to them that allowed everyone to flourish. Every aspect of these societies, nurturing her people, nourishing, adding muscle and sinew to that powerful skeleton, building it into a strong powerful body – a body of prosperity, forward looking replete with opportunities for all, caring for the old, shaping aspirations for the young.

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In writing this, I recall reading the words of H. G. Wells in, War of the Worlds, “ . . . from across the void of space, they watched us with envy and set their sights on conquest of all we were!”

Similarly, the coming of “brown”, “ black” and, “ yellow” people, some brought here (such as myself) because of our constructive contribution, and others coming willfully, as part of “chain” migration to benefit from and likewise, prosper, something they were unable to do in their own countries, for reasons too many to discuss here, but well known across the myriad of races that come here.

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Generations later, the population of those who created this prosperous country has declined, and those viewed as “invaders” from across the “void”, to use H.G. Wells words,  has almost become equal, scaring the “bejesus” out of those who created the prosperity that enticed, and invite, us here.

The ramifications are obvious. It’s all very obvious, and I apologies for stating the obvious. But these newcomers take something away from those already here, leading to a state of affairs that can be described in one word, “protectionism.”

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I am compelled to recommend reading the aforementioned War of the Worlds by HG. Wells, as I feel, there is a lot to learn from what’s in there, however small the parallels. We are not Martian’s, but we are here because we viewed them with “envy” and “jealousy” and we wanted a piece of the pie, as per Richard Burton’s wonderful voiceover of the same titled musical album, War Of The Worlds, with David Essex, Justin Hayward’s amongst others,  in the lead singing roles, from the late 1970s.

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It is my experienced concern, fear even, that the immigrants that come here do not turn this country into their own third world country, because they do not just bring required technical or medical and other scientific skills but also those attributes that make up their character, attributes and other traits they acquired over their lifetime, learned from organizations, parents and communities around them while growing up – in their third world countries.

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In another place, perhaps in a text to a friend or a group, I talked about “fractals, to describe behavior of people here, that mimics exactly what they did in the country they come from. What is a fractal, I hear you asking. A Fern leaf is a perfect example of a fractal. Look at it from ten feet above and then look at a tiny part of it under a microscope – the picture is exactly identical. This corresponds well, with the behavior of the people come here from places afar – it is exactly that, what happens in the country they left behind.

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An annual event held in New Jersey, titled, “Interfaith”, invites people from differing backgrounds together under one roof, the population of which is, usually, wholly brown in color, with a sprinkling of black and white people. The white people are usually the elected mayors of surrounding cities, so it’s a good opportunity for them to come, introduce themselves, and hope for getting the people’s votes.

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I attended one such meeting a-few years ago and, having looked around and seeing the lack of white people there, gave me a gut feeling that this is a place that celebrates the NONE assimilation with the white of America. For some one such as myself, who grew up with white neighbors, went to school and colleges and universities, and worked with wholly white people, this “interfaith” get together was very unnerving, as the white white people’s representation was near zero. There were leaders of communities there, most of whom I knew to be well regarded with high respect.

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There is a chasm between the intellectual capabilities of say, someone who was brought up in a cultured, highly educated environment in the west, and those who come here, say for example, having come to a med school in Mexico, because they could not get into a med school in their own country, and attempt to take advantage of lack of “ a priori” knowledge, about them by others, and claim to have grown up in the US just because they did their rotations here. I know what I’m talking about. I was raised in the West and I know what’s going on – and I understand the need to protect.

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In co tiny Inc further with this article, I want to visit upon the country of my birth to make my points – Pakistan. My commentary about what’s happening in Pakistan helps to make my points clearer, particularly the problems associated with the clowns who have unseated Imran in Pakistan.

Recently I had a discussion with my elder brother about how we grew up in England, being exposed to ideas, discussions and points of views of absolute intellectual Giants of the time, Shirley Williams, James Callahan and Lord Tony Ben, Michael Foot, Edward Heath and Michael Heseltine amongst many others. And now in this late age, in our lives, we look back at the country of our birth,  we are from Pakistan, our ancestors are buried there, and we were born there, and, sadly, the people who run that country have the intellect of a 12 year old !

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Those descendants of people who fear being “replaced” fear only that their country will turn into a 3rd world country, as per my discussions here.

While coming here, from a 3rd world country adds to making this country ever greater, technically and scientifically, at the end of the day, that is just the labor force one is talking about. It’s when these people get themselves into that chair where they empower themselves into promoting their family members into positions they are not suited for, and other nepotistic undertakings, that one sees what’s wrong. Take Pakistan, again, look at what’s happening in Punjab – a guy who has just graduated out of diapers has been made Governor of Punjab, because his father, a former boot polisher, is the Prime minister.

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These examples do much to highlight the problems associated with immigrants whose becoming US citizens opens the doors for their becoming a majority of the population, leading to this country being a reflection of 3rd world countries. Therefore, as I said earlier, a protectionist desire becomes an undertone to those people who feel their lifestyle becoming modified, becoming more representative of those of colors other then white, and therefore a protectionist attitude developing nationwide is a natural progression.

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The murderous events of Upstate New York, are representative of a violent action underway to enforce such protectionism.

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