Speeches won’t solve nation’s problems, Sonia Gandhi tells PM Modi; says he neglects Karnataka

Launching a counter-offensive against the Prime Minister, who has relentlessly targeted the Siddaramaiah government over corruption, Sonia wanted to know what happened to the institution of Lok Pal.

VIJAYAPURA: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his campaign in the State, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi took a dig at him, saying that he did not have the determination to solve the nation’s problems. She was campaigning for the first time in Karnataka ahead of its assembly polls on May 12.

“Modi is proud that he is a good orator and speaks like an actor. If his speeches can fill the stomach of the poor, let him do more speeches. But, speeches can’t fill the stomach. Speeches can’t cure illness and we need hospitals. Speeches alone cannot lead to women empowerment or generate employment or provide relief to farmers,” she said.

On Modi’s recent remarks on former defence minister Krishna Menon and General Thimmayya, she said that the country was shocked that the Prime Minister was lying to the people of the State by playing with history. “He is using freedom fighters as pawns in a game of chess,” she said.

Questioning whether such behaviour augured well with the PM, she questioned whether the country has seen such a PM who spoke all the time, “but never on issues that concerned the nation.”


She accused the Central government of discriminating against Karnataka, while it was undergoing a major agararian crisis due to consecutive droughts. Modi gave thousands of crores to States ruled by BJP during the period. However, he even declined to meet Chief Minister of Karnataka who had visited to Delhi to discuss the crisis in the State.
By doing so, she said, Modi has insulted the farmers of the State and their families.

While Congress is working towards Vikas, the only job of Modi government in the past four years has been to discontinue all the developmental projects taken up by the Congress in the past, she said.

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