Social Media exoplodes after SC restriction of Firecracker use in Diwali

After the Supreme Court imposed restriction on bursting crackers, with  only a time restriction imposed instead of the blanket ban on sale and use, social media has virtually been set afire by reactions.


New Delhi, Oct 23: The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to order a country-wide ban on firecrackers, instead insisting on compliance with certain safeguard in order to strike a balance between the revelers and the naysayers. The court has ordered that the revelers restrict the bursting of crackers on Diwali evening to between 8-10 pm. (On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the bench said, crackers can be burst between 11:45 pm and 12:45 am)  However, the stand has not gone down too well with the public, many who insisted they would flout the norms come what may and others who took the ruling in a lighter vein.

A bench headed by Justice AK Sikri said “improved and green” crackers can be manufactured and sold only by the licensed holders. The court imposed a complete ban on the sale of firecrackers by e-commerce firms, including Amazon and Flipkart too.

While environmentalists and health conscious individuals were more disappointed that only a time restriction has been imposed instead of the expected blanket ban on sale as well as usage, traditionalists were not pleased.

Many, many, many social media users took the time restrictions as yet another attack on religious sentiments and made their displeasure plain (and public):

Twitterati’s reactions:

Diwali is our traditional festival we don’t need your suggestion to blast crakers #firecrackers #savediwali #saveourtradition


#firecrackers @SupremeCourtIND i will burn firecrackers whole night do what the hell you want

#firecrackers #apexcourt tum logo ko kaya hum se problem hai kaya? Tum logo ko hindus hi milte hai kaya? #ravandhan ban kar do usse pollution nahi hota kaya? Pagal apex court solution dhundo. Festivals ban mat karo.


While I am myself not a fan #Firecrackers, this judgement by the #SupremeCourt of #India is overreaching! The judiciary encroaching into the executive is always bad for an democracy and of late it is happening a lot!

Others took light jibes at the verdict:

The Supreme court said that bursting #Firecrackers is allowed only between 8 pm and 10 pm on religious festivals. But don’t worry, after 10 pm you can always shout “Thain Thain”

SC has said only green crackers. So please burst only green crackers to maintain ganga jamuni tehzeeb#firecrackers

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