Senator Bob Menendez greets Indian American community on occassion of Navratri!

By Adam Rizvi:

New Jersey senator Bob Menendez greeted Indian American community on the occasion of Navratri.

“Indian-Americans have contributed mightily to our society and economy and made our communities and state better places to live. At this time of year, we join with our Indian-American friends and neighbors in the annual celebration of Navratri,” Menendez was quoted as saying in a press release.

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Menendez said he was pleased with the community for keeping ties to their homeland of India and believes in a strong relationship between India and the U.S.

L to R Senator Menendez, Freeholder John Bartlett Esq. & Dr. Khyati Y. Joshi, a renowned scholar, and a leader, at a recent Indian Function in New Jersey.Photo TIO

“It always brings me great pleasure to see communities celebrate their culture and heritage. Navratri is a festival of lights, joy, and community celebration, a time to cleanse and purify while enjoying special foods and grand, colorful decorations. The core message of Navratri is truth over evil, a sentiment that sadly reflects our current political climate and discourse. I have faith that truth will prevail,” he added.

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“I have always stood up for our Indian-American brothers and sisters since my time in the State Legislature when I authored New Jersey’s first hate crimes law following attacks on members of the community,” Menendez continued.

“During this holiday, I hope everyone of all faiths comes together, embrace our cultural diversity, and celebrate a time of peace, joy, and prosperity. Have a happy and safe Navratri,” he added.

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