Salutation to Hazrat Ali on his martyrdom day; there is none like him in the encyclopedia of Islam.

“The zeal and virtue of Ali were never outstripped by any recent proselyte. He united the qualifications of a poet, a soldier, and a saint; his wisdom still breathes in a collection of moral and religious sayings; and every antagonist, in the combats of the tongue or of the sword, was subdued by his eloquence and valor.
From the first hour of his mission to the last rites of his funeral, the apostle was never forsaken by a generous friend, whom he delighted to name his brother, his vicegerent, and the faithful Aaron of a second Moses.” Edward Gibbon [The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, London, 1911, volume 5, pp. 381-2].
As the Caliph of Muslim commonwealth, Ali ruled from 646-651 Despite being engaged to fight internal conspiracies, and many wars. Hazrat Ali left behind a model of governance which 1400 years later even the UNDP admitted was the best designed for the developing country.
Image Credit: HASAN NAQVI
Location: Zainabia, Imambara, Irvington , NJ
Despite so many attempts and ferocious designs by the authoritative Ummayad and Abbasid rulers to subterfuge his contribution.  Ali still rules the heart and mind of the people and those who opposed him, mocked and ridiculed him have been destined to the dustbin of history. As Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said truth and justice will prevail falsehood and oppression will never last but vanish.
What a preamble to his five year rule “Mankind belong to two category One brother in your religion and another brother in your kind. So do not discriminate between them”
Nothing but reverence and obeisance for Maula Ali and for whom Prophet said,

“man kunto maulaa
fa haaza Aliun maulaa”
To whom I am the master
Ali is the master.
– Zia H. Rizvi

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