Press Release: Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu

Press Release – Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu interacts with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

Ambassador of India to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu and Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker had a comprehensive discussion on the multi-faceted India-Massachusetts relationship today.

Ambassador Sandhu and Governor Baker’s discussion covered areas of economic significance for both countries – including finance, higher education, healthcare, technology and innovation. Ambassador Sandhu shared the recent policy developments in the education and technology landscape in India with Governor Baker. He highlighted the potential of mutually rewarding India-U.S. collaborations in the post COVID phase.India and Massachusetts share a strong trade and investment partnership with historical roots dating back to the 18th century. Today, total merchandise trade between India and Massachusetts has grown to US$ 729 million(2019). Also in recent years, about US$ 873 million worth of Indian investments have created over 1350 jobs in Massachusetts. Prominent Indian companies present in Massachusetts are Datamatics, HCL, Infosys, TCS, Sun Pharma among others. Similarly, a number of Massachusetts origin companies in Energy, Financial Services, Defense and Technology sectors are present in India. Some notable names are General Electric, Raytheon Technologies, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific among others.

In their discussion, Ambassador Sandhu and Governor Baker underscored the importance of the vibrant Indian diaspora in the India-Massachusetts relationship. Ambassador Sandhu shared that a large number of Indian professionals, academicians, and students have made Massachusetts their home. He said that they form a key part of Massachusetts’s STEM workforce and contribute to the state’s innovation economy.
Ambassador Sandhu and Governor Baker agreed to further build upon the synergies in the India-Massachusetts relationship for mutual growth and prosperity.
25 August 2020
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