Open Letter to Joe Biden, President of the United States Of America!

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Dear Mr. President:

I’m a Pakistani-born British – American. I came here from Britain, as an Engineer recruited by a Defense company, as part of the military defense buildup efforts begun
by President, Ronald Reagan derive to bolster NATO’s defenses. Like all immigrants, I also continue to love the country of my birth, Pakistan, whose perpetual political turmoil
has been of interest to me and my Pakistani friends living here in the US. You will be aware that 3 years ago, with great fanfare, Pakistanis elected a most popular leader as
Prime minister, Imran Khan, undertook to bring wholesale reforms to Pakistan, reforms that are the foundations of much more to come – for such is the drive of
the character of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Dear President, recent world turmoil with COvid has had a detrimental effect on the economy of Pakistan and her people, as it has affected any other country. Adding to that the world has been forced to choose sides as part of the war in Ukraine, a war that looks to bring in a new era of ‘The Cold War. In this Cold War, it appears Pakistan, for reasons of being abandoned by the US, despite a very long shared history the two countries had enjoyed, since Pakistan’s inception, Pakistan has undertaken to remain neutral, but a visit, was planned before the start of the war to Russia has been seen as Pakistan siding with Russia.

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This has had an effect on efforts made in places unknown to topple Imran Khan from his position as Prime minister, through a vote of no confidence brought in by several of the opposition parties who have banded together, in order to acquire a sufficient number of votes to enable the passing of this vote of no confidence and having Prime minister Imran Khan replaced by people of much less caliber and capabilities, people otherwise labeled as crooks and featured in ongoing
National Accountability (NAB) investigations. At the outset, Prime minister, Imran Khan has divulged to the nation his fear that the United States is behind these efforts to
topple him, with the US having funded these efforts as well as various US officials, and another representative of the US having visited with the leaders of the opposition parties in

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Dear President, I’m writing this as a part condemnation of these actions, if true, of the US undertaking to bring down a very popular elected leader whose reforms were beginning
to take hold of a future for Pakistan on a par with the major developed nations of the world, and United States interaction at this stage, is wholly unwelcome and detrimental
to continue relations between these two countries. Please allow me to recall some of the important histories between the US and Pakistan, that will bring to light how these two
countries have worked together since Pakistan’s creation, through the Cold War, the Afghanistan invasion by Russia, and more, more recently, the 80,000 civilian and military
deaths Pakistan has suffered as part of the US’s War on Terror, to bring into focus the importance of a much-respected relationship between these two countries.

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Soon after Pakistan’s creation, together with neighboring India, it was Pakistan who came to visit and side with Washington in the early 1950s, while India visited USSR’s

Nikita Khrushchev. Allow me if you will, to recall 4 very important historical events to highlight Pakistan’s venerable, laudable, association with the United States.
1) In 1960, Garry Power’s US’s U-2 spy plane that was shot down over Kazakhstan, by the Soviet Union by Khrushchev’s SAM Missiles  had taken off from US’s Airbase in
Pakistan’s Baluchistan.

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2) USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan on December 24, 1979, brought in a decade of Pakistan and the US’s cooperation resulted in the ouster of the Soviets from
Afghanistan, a resultant effect of which was the dissolution of the USSR.

3) The September 11th Terrorist attacks of 2001 saw Pakistan side with the US, and Pakistan saw more than 80,000 deaths of Pakistanis, a loss of 80 Billion dollars lost
Businesses – all because Pakistan sided with the United States.

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4) Last but not least, in 1971, It was Pakistan’s Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who helped open US discussions with Chinese leader Premier Zhou Enlai and National Security Advisor
Henry Kissinger set the stage for cordial relations between China and the US that have been enjoyed since that time. In short, Pakistan has always been US’s right hand in the dispersion of US policy in the geopolitical events of that part of the world, and as such, Pakistani citizens deserve US  support in all aspects of Pakistan’s future as Pakistani citizens Democratically choose
her leaders with a view to moving into a future that the leader promised as part of his campaigning.

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For the longest time, in lieu of Pakistan’s citizens finding and electing a
capable leader, a leader who would not be embroiled in ever-increasing corruption changes, and other nefarious activities damaging to the State, the US has viewed
Pakistan’s army was Pakistan’s savior, which was true given the near illiterate nature of the candidates that Pakistan had to select from. But this is no longer true, for in Imran
Khan, Pakistanis have chosen a highly intelligent, highly educated, cogent individual, who has spent his formative years in England and has developed ethical
standards that are unmatched by anything Pakistan has, previously, ever had in a leader’s character and abilities. Please allow me to recall some of Imran Khan’s

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For the 74 years of Pakistan’s existence, for the first time, Imran Khan has made a reality:
1) Low-cost shelters/ housing for the poor.
2) Health Cards for the poor, a sort of Universal Health
3) Income support for the poor
4) After 20 years of neglect, the Karachi Railways are back in full functionality.
5) Reactivated the textile industry after 13 years.
6) Paid salaries of Steel Mills employees.
7) IMF lauded export growth after 8 years of stagnation.
8) 1.2 Billion Pound Sterling exports to Britain, the first time in 74 years.

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9) Current Account is in surplus after 20 years.
10) Projection of the Kashmir Issue as never before at the UN.
11) Eliminated a Penalty of $8.2 Billion with Turkey.
12) Brought Pakistan from 132th to 70 th for Ease of doing business.
13) Ease of doing business is Number 2 in all of Asia.
14) Gwadar port has begun to function for 14 years.
15) Recovered $390 Billion dollars as a result of NAB activities.
16) And much more that I live here in the US am not privy to.

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All in all, it behooves all of us to allow movement of this positive trend-forward, which if Imran is removed will undertake a reversal of all that he has achieved, bringing back
those Corruption tainted NAB (National Accountability) charged criminals back into power to the continued detriment of the already poor people of Pakistan. I, therefore, ask,
on behalf of the people of Pakistan, in earnest, that you as the leader of the Free World, undertake to stop all efforts that the United States may be involved in to topple Imran
Khan, for it goes without saying, a strong Pakistan makes for the strong US, given the shared history and values of these two countries,
Mr. Sajjad Suhail-Sindhu.

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