Not happy with work and traffic, software engineer resigns and rides horse to office on last working day

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Bengaluru. Not everyone enjoys working in cubicles and while some put up with it, a software engineer in Bangalore decided to call it quits. But at the same time he also decided to send a message. A software engineer, identified as Roopesh Kumar Verma, was fed up with not only work but also the Bangalore traffic, and to send a message he hired a horse to go to his office on the last working day.

Verma reportedly worked at a company which has an office in Bangalore’s Embassy Golf Links Business Park. On his last working day, he left his house in Mathikere at 7am and reached his office around 2pm, reported the Deccan Herald. In between while his “vehicle” – a white horse – took breaks, his photos were clicked and shared on social media by onlookers. On his horse, Verma carried a placard that said, “Last working day as a software engineer”.

When he reached the office, Verma was reportedly denied entry by guards. But after a while he managed to convince the guards that the horse was a legitimate “vehicle” and an acceptable form of transportation and that he should be allowed to enter the office campus.

Verma later told media that he choose the horse because he wanted to highlight the issue of pollution and congestion in Bangalore. “I took horse-riding lessons for nearly a month to ensure that I reach office without any issues. My friends helped me plan and execute this ride. I am a pure vegetarian and love animals and that is the reason why I chose to ride a horse to give a message,” he added.

Verma was reportedly not entirely happy with his job as a software engineer, a sentiment that no doubt thousands of IT workers in India will agree with. Unlike the glamorous IT jobs, which involve building cool things, in Silicon Valley in India most IT employees do more mundane and repetitive jobs. May be this is the reason why Verma wants to start something of his own.

“As software engineers, we solve complex problems for multinational companies. Why can’t we do the same and solve the problems in our country? I quit because I wanted to do something for my country,” he reportedly said.

Although Verma is living in Bangalore for the last eight years, he is from a place near Pilani, Rajasthan. After his horse ride, he also told media that he would soon release a video in which he would talk more about what led him to quit and why he decided to go to office on the last day on a horse.

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