Modi’s India on Sale–any takers?

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SO, WHERE ARE WE, INDIA? IN 2018? Some time back, TOI’s front page gave us the paid for information that the infamous thumper and state of art moron, Mr. Trump, a friend of hardcore Christian evangelicals, shortly will take up permanent residence in Delhi’s national capital region, in the shape and form of the Trump Towers. Full page ads tell you who your neighbors will be. A Fortune 500 Honcho. But do we have any? Probably one of the guys on the run from the cops, now living abroad. A Veteran Business Tycoon. A builder/ constructor? Like the owners of Sahara, Unitech, or JP Associates, signing checks to the Supreme Court from jail. India’s new kind of bail money.
The ad tells us we could even have a Media Mogul as a neighbor. The owners of the ass licking Republic? Terrible thought. Or, an Art Maestro. Could it be someone who gives us art in jewelry? The famous Little Modi? The owners of Gitanjali Gems? People who, when it comes to making illegal money, make the Bombay Mafia look like the Von Trapp Family singing “Goodnight”.
In other news about yet another builder, this time not an evangelical but a Moghul, data available with the Archaeological Survey of India reveals that compared to 2016 (from January to August), 20.4% more foreigners visited the Taj Mahal in 2017. At least those builders made big bucks. We are told that Akbar had 7.5 million pounds in his treasury in 1600, against 6 million pounds that the country of Great Britain was earning 200 years later! Unlike our present Moguls, this was also not hidden away in Swiss Banks. In fact, in the 39th year of his reign, Akbar’s total income in 1595 was Rs.9 crore in silver coins, of which Rs.7.4 crore went on salaries to the people of his kingdom! The forefathers of the Bhakts, who now send back Ola cabs, probably worked for the man.
Meanwhile, The Hindu tells us of Modi Sarkar’s India, 2018, “The biggest ever fire sale of Indian corporate assets has begun… We are seeing ‘for sale’ tags on airports, roads, ports, steel plants, cement units, refineries, malls, corporate parks, land banks, coal mines, oil blocks, express highways, airwaves, Formula One teams, hotels, private jets, and even status symbol corporate HQs. Substantial stakes in firms, and in some cases entire companies, are on the block.”
This is after Make In India, record-breaking foreign trips by the prime minister and new FDI money for practically everything. Surely, Mr. Modi will be remembered for much, demonetization, hatred, and, as the man who sold India.


Roy Daniels

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