Indi-Alphabet: Introducing India to KG kids

Bharat Babies and Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan take readers on a fun journey from Ahmedabad to Zirakpur. From sampling yummy biryani, searching for wild orange tigers in animal reserves, learn about bejeweled Maharajas, and encounter the mighty Mughals—the book is a magnificent journey through India. With whimsical verses and vibrant images, Indi-Alphabet brings to life an India both familiar and unfamiliar.

The Indi Alphabet introduces the English Alphabet while giving insights into the geographical and cultural diversity that India holds.

Each page is dedicated to an alphabet, spelling out a city in India and introducing it in a small poem with colorful illustrations by Christy McCreery giving an idea of the ambience of the city/ town. A one-liner factoid at the bottom along with the city’ location on the map of India adds further value to the information.

A takes us to Ahmedabad
A colorful Western state (sic)
Here, on the banks of the Sabarmati
Gandhiji’s ashram awaits

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is revered by many in India and the world as “Mahatma” or great soul. He believed in a non-violent approach to gaining Independence from the British.

B brings us to Bengaluru
the sprawling city of high-tech
The weather is good, inventions are too,
But traffic is so bottle-neck

Bengaluru, once Bangalore, is called the Silicon Valley of India because of the many Internet Technology firms in the city

C calls us to Chennai,
Where beaches are sandy and bright
Dance and song fill festival halls,
And temple bells ring through the night.

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It was called Madras for a long time. Tamil is the local language spoken in the city.

D s for new Delhi, capital city,
Rich with history like the old Red Fort
Here we can see the grand India Gate,
And Jama Masjid with its spacious court

The Red Fort was built by Emperor Shah Jehan and it was the residence of the Mughal emperors for about 200 years.

Says Shobha of her latest offering—“ The book is meant to introduce kindergarten kids to India..its rich history and heritage, culture and diversity. He tender mind will lap in the beautiful imagery and the small poem on each page introducing the city is meant to set alight their imagination and interest in India.


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