Holi and spring recipes from Chef Neelima Kapoor

Assorted Gujiyas


-For the Dough

6 cups Maida

2 cups Refined oil

Water for kneading

For 1st Filling

200 gm Suji

200 gm White sesame

100 gm Poppy seeds

400 gm Sugar (coarsely ground)

75 gm Dry Fruits

For 2nd Filling

250 gm Khoya

200 gm Sugar

50 gm Wheat flour lightly roasted

1/4th tsp Small cardamom powder

35 gm Mix dry fruits

Pure ghee for deep frying


Take Maida for dough. Mix oil and knead with water to a smooth dough. Keep aside under a damp cloth to prevent the dough from drying.

Prepare 1st filling. Dry roast suji, poppy seeds and sesame separately and grind them in a powder and mix sugar and dryfruits.

Prepare 2nd filling. Mash the khoya and mix with sugar, wheat flour, small cardamom powder and dry fruits.

Assembling the Dough

Divide the dough into small portions. Roll out one portion, put 1st filling and give the shape of gujiya. You can similarly give the shape of ‘Chandrakala’ and ‘Long Lata’ to your gujiyas. Repeat the process of rolling and and shaping with 2nd filling. Now deep fry in medium-low flame till light golden. Serve in festival time with chilled thandai.

Additional Note

We can give different colour and flavor also to the gujiyas, like we can add pink color and rose flavor in the dough or ad yellow colour and saffron flavor in the dough.

Strawberry Shake


10 Strawberries

500 ml Milk

3 tbsp Sugar

3 scoops Ice-cream (Vanilla or Strawberry)

Cream for garnishing


Put the milk in freezer for 1 hour. Cut all strawberries (leaving 2 for garnishing) into pieces. Put in a shaker jar. Put sugar and half cup of milk and churn well. Add remaining milk and churn again till frothy. Add Ice-cream and churn again. Pour into glasses, garnish with cream and strawberry pieces. Serve chilled.


Neelima Kapoor

Neelima Kapoor has been a passionate cook and runs cooking classes for more than thirty years. She has been awarded the prestigious khana khazana champion for the North. region in 2002. She has also been on the regional screening panel of the Masterchef India for many years.

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