Glimmering from Shadows: Nikhat Zareen makes India proud!!

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By Orbindu Ganga, India, Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi, TIO: The ferocious and the intrepid warrior Anath blossomed from the patriarchy to drive her thoughts to glean the dust. The Semitic goddess would have loved many of her endurance being visible in today’s warriors. She was worshipped by the warrior pharaohs for her impudent mettle to fight against all odds. Nikhat Zareen’s strong resolve to fight shall inspire many women to compete when the chips are down. Nikhat, the warrior in the boxing ring is turning out to be the toughest opponent, many shall vary to take the first stride when she is in the ring.

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India’s Nikhat Zareen clinches gold in Women’s World Boxing Championships

The Canaanite goddess of love and war shall delight any woman to carry the baton for the rest of her life. Anath’s sanguine traits never minced words in the Ugaritic text, wording her triumph in any condition without an iota of repentance. Nikhat’s drive to leave the opponents clueless before they understand her game is silently brutal to annihilate others’ thoughts before they think of recovery. Her quick punches force the opponents to back foot, giving not much time to recover. With the counterattacks, her ambidextrous strategies set her opponents to be alert every second in the bouts. Her lethal combination to change her game in no time makes a tough choice to knuckle her down easily.

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Nikhat Zareen embodies the modern woman for fortitude in distress. She was in the shadow of the legend Mary Kom. When Mary Kom was striking golds, she had to wait for her chance. When she got an opportunity, she treated it as her last. She values every opportunity that has been hard to come in her journey. Now she is relieved to have stuck the chord to be in the league of best in the business from the junior titles. Biting the yellow medal is ever satisfying at the Women’s World Boxing Championships in Istanbul (Turkey) after winning the junior championship. Dominating the five bouts with a unanimous 5-0 margin is the testimonial of her desperation to fly from the manacles, defeating Thailand’s Jutamas Jitpong. She made the country proud by winning her 10th medal at the Women’s World Boxing Championship.

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Nikhat’s triumph is more noteworthy than merely a victory, she became only the second Indian after Mary Kom to claim a World Championship hosted outside India. It’s been a long wait to kiss the medal for the second time since her achievement at the Juniors in 2011, a sense of proving self was visible, and also to the distractors who never gave her the possibility to win at a senior level. Many questioned her attire, becoming the subject of laughter without her fault. She was often asked to prove herself. Now, she is the cynosure, inspiring daughter who wants to take any sports even after being bullied and challenged.

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The eyes are keen to complete the hat-trick to repeat at Paris, the most important of all, the Olympics. Having the shades of the Greek goddess Athena, she emancipates her people to concur with the world. The focus to prove everyone wrong has always been her mantra with such a feat, that she carries the hope of the entire nation. The warrior in her is all set to prove her mettle again for the Paris Olympics.

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