Five events in five days, exposing ‘Ram Rajya’ in Narendra Modi’s India

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By Vijaylakshmi Nadar, The India observer, TIO, NJ: In just  the last five days, five happenings in the country which totally expose the claims of a “Ram Rajya”, the utopian land of Lord Ram, pure and bursting with happiness.

1. Despite clear evidence of the 42 year old Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and actress Sonali Phogat being raped and murdered on August 23, by her personal secretary Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder Wasi, as alleged by her family, the death was initially concluded as one caused by a heart attack. Her siblings insisted on an autopsy without which  the body would not be cremated.

Sonali Phogat,her personal secretary Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder Wasi

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The autopsy conducted two days later revealed several blunt force injuries across her body. A day later on August 26, disturbing CCTV footage of Sonali Phogat being forced to consume what turned out to be spiked drinks and being tightly gripped as she stumbled out with her alleged killer, finally resulted in the arrest of Sangwan and Sukhwinder. The family even alleged that former Haryana BJP minister Gopal Kanda, who owns one of the biggest `offshore’ casinos in Goa, Casino Big Daddy, was protecting the alleged murderers.

Gopal Kanda, Accused Of Abetment To Suicide Of Air Hostess, Now BJP’s Key To Power In Haryana

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Kanda himself has had his run in with the law after an air hostess Geetika Sharma committed suicide in 2012, naming him as one of the perpetrators.

Kanda is now an elected member of the Haryana assembly and part of the coalition with BJP in power.

             2. The second dastardly act involving the BJP, happened when a seven month old infant stolen from Mathura railway station in Uttar Pradesh was traced to a BJP councilor Vinita Agarwal. The baby was stolen by a member of an organized child kidnapping gang, most likely with BJP connections too, who then sold it to Agarwal. The baby was returned to the parents, on August 29, six days after it was abducted, as it lay beside its sleeping mother, on the railway platform

Child kidnapped from Uttar Pradesh railway station recovered from BJP leader’s house in Firozabad; Vinita Agarwal, husband arrested


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  1. This shock hadn’t even settled when the chilling news of yet another elitist BJP leader Seema Patra, the wife of an ex-IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer Maheshwar Patra. brutally torturing her 29 year old tribal domestic help Sunita, for over eight years surfaced. Shocking disclosures by the victim on how she was violently beaten up with iron rods, her front teeth broken with it, how she was scarred with hot pans, made to lick her own urine, forced to stay in a bathroom which was also her bedroom, jailed at home for years, without enough sunlight, was not enough for the police to arrest Patra immediately. As pressure mounted, she was finally arrested early next morning on Wednesday.

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Sunita was rescued on Tuesday morning from her inhumane circumstances, only because Patra’s own son Ayushman stood up for her. Patra declared Ayushman as mentally unstable as a result of it and even got him arrested. Sunita was eventually rescued from her hellhole, because Ayushman had revealed the details to his friend, who along with the cops rescued her.

BJP leader Seema Patra, brutally torturing her 29 year old tribal domestic help Sunita

Many wondered how an obviously educated and accomplished woman who has been photographed with the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and the first woman tribal President of India, Draupadi Murmu. It is indeed difficult to grasp how a well painted face can hide so much evil for so long. Patra was even  part of the “beti padhao, beti bachao” (Teach daughters, Save daughters) campaign, while one such girl was holed up in a hell hole in her own home !

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  1. Tuesday night was also when the general secretary of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Gujarat Manoj Sorathiya was severely injured by BJP supporters, at a Ganesh Chaturthi pandal in Surat. According to Gopal Italia, president of AAP Gujarat, despite the BJP being at the helm for over 27 years and despite the top two leaders in the country being from Gujarat, BJP was becoming increasingly unnerved at the spirited opposition from AAP. Italia even accused the Gujarat BJP chief Chandrakant R Patil, of having risen to power with bootlegging and now digging up goons from the party ranks, for roughing up opponents before elections.

    Gujarat AAP Gen Secy Manoj Sorathiya attacked in Surat, party blames BJP

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This was not the first time that AAP volunteers have been brutally attacked in Gujarat.  Manoj Sorathiya, a businessman himself, was so hurt by BJP’s business policies, that he, along with his colleagues, mounted such a spectacular attack on the BJP last year, that AAP won 27 out of the 120 seats, in its debut performance, in the municipal council elections. Till now Gujarat was considered unbreachable, at least by a decade old second party after congress. So far congress is the only opposition to the BJP in Gujarat and a very weak one at that.

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  1. The week had started on an explosive note, when the newly minted member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Durgesh Pathak  came up with stunning revelations of how the Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Vinai Kumar Saxena, was accused of changing 500 and 1000 rupee notes, worth 14000 million, during the disastrous 2018 demonetisation bomb  dropped by Modi on unsuspecting citizens. As a result of the unplanned demonetization all the 500 and 1000 rupee notes had become worthless paper. Not for Saxena though, who as  chairman of the Khadi Commission helped many of the BJP members to offload their sacks of black money on the Khadi Commission and take home sacks of the new, crisp notes, now turned white, through the banking process.

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This was revealed by two of his own cashiers Pradeep Yadav and Sanjeev Kumar, at a grave risk to their lives and now are constantly on the move for fear of being killed. Will the Central Bureau of Investigation investigate this multi-million scam ? Going by BJP’s past track record, the party which assumes  that only the opposition parties are there to be investigated, the answer is no.

Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Vinai Kumar Saxena

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Saxena who is known to be very close to Modi, was brought in to Delhi, to apply the brakes on the Delhi AAP government and he has started doing the work in right earnest. To protest against the double standards, all the legislators spend Monday night in the Delhi assembly, singing patriotic songs through the night.

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Vijaylakshmi Nadar

Vijaylakshmi Nadar

Vijaylakshmi Nadar is the regional Bureau Chief of the USA based News Portal, "www.TheIndiaObserver.Com". She has been a fearless journalist for over two decades and has worked in several publications in Mumbai, India. She has worked for The Pioneer, The Daily, Afternoon Despatch, and Courier, Free Press Group, Life Positive, freelanced for The Federal, The Week, Midday, Deccan Herald, Herald-Citizen (USA), South Asian Times (USA). She is a broadcaster, commentator, interviewer besides being an investigative journalist. She has covered several beats, including politics, civic affairs, law, public health, crime, sports, environment. She has also been an assistant producer for a documentary film commissioned by PBS, on Methamphetamine addiction in Tennessee, called Crank: Darkness on the edge of town. She has also been a guest faculty teaching journalism at the School of Broadcasting, Mumbai.

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